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Bank keeps its eye on the (inflation) ball The Reserve Bank hiked the Official Cash Rate by 25 basis points today to 3.00%. Although the rate hike was anticipated, today’s statement was more hawkish than anticipated. The Bank has concerns about the prospect of rising inflation, and indicated that monetary setting are going to continue tightening over coming months. Read more

Annual net migration surges past 30,000 A net migration gain of 3,850 in March (seasonally adjusted) was the second highest month on record, exceeded only by February 2003. Arrivals from both Australia and Asia continue to rise, while the number of New Zealanders migrating to Australia is still plummeting. Although New Zealand’s strengthening labour market will ensure that migration inflows stay elevated over coming months, net migration is likely to moderate later in the year as labour market conditions overseas begin to improve. Read more


Hawkish Reserve Bank lifts OCR to 3% The Reserve Bank lifted the Official Cash Rate a further 25 basis points this morning, taking the OCR to 3.00%. This increase follows a 25 basis point hike in March. With the Reserve Bank adopting a decidedly hawkish tone in its OCR statement today, the Bank looks set to raise the OCR several more times during 2014. By the time 2015 rolls around, the OCR is likely to be at 4.00%.
Hunting for Easter trading law justifications Although New Zealand society has moved on a long way sincethe days when a Christian majority prevented Sunday retail trade, the Eastertrading law framework still remains firmly aligned to Christian values.  Butwith the 2013 Census showing that the number of people affiliated withChristian religions no longer forms the majority of New Zealanders, the timehas come to revisit the motivations behind laws governing Easter trading. Read more.

Why do we study? Education is often seen as an investment, but do students ever crunch the numbers on perhaps one of the biggest investments in their life? Some courses of study never break even, yet their popularity indicates that study means more to people than a ribbon wrapped ticket to higher salaries – education is also a consumption good. Read more.

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Scenes to relish for a civilised society

After being dressed in sackcloth for much of the last five years, the New Zealand economy is getting its glad rags on and is set to head out on the town. GDP growth averaging 4.2%pa over the next two years is ample cause for a celebration – even more so given the teetotalling growth of just 0.9%pa on average between March 2008 and March 2013.