Infometrics can assist your strategic planning

Gareth Kiernan, Infometrics Chief Forecaster, is available to present his insights into building & property, infrastructure and transport sectors, as well as the New Zealand economy in general. We offer national level insights, as well as a strong focus on individual regions.

International education adds $4.28bn to GDP

Infometrics recently authored a report for Education New Zealand showing that international education adds $4.28bn to New Zealand’s GDP.  The report shows that the value added to the New Zealand economy by international education has risen over 50% since 2012. The economic value is made up of $4.04 billion from international students studying in New Zealand, and $242 million from services delivered offshore.

The view on the ground from Christchurch

It’s pretty clear when you’re on the ground in the Christchurch CBD that plenty is happening, buildings are going up very quickly, and the perception of a failing rebuild, to our minds, can really only be based on delays to a few isolated (albeit high-value) anchor projects, such as the conference centre. That said, the prospects over the next 2-3 years may not be quite as inspiring, particularly for the office sector.

Cost of an Emissions Target

Infometrics has recently been involved in estimating the economic impacts on New Zealand of participating in an international agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions over the period 2021 to 2030. We looked only at the cost of emissions mitigation to New Zealand, not at the effects (benefits) of avoided climate change. Actions by New Zealand will not affect global warming, but New Zealand may nonetheless wish to set an ambitious emissions reduction target.