What will NZ’s workforce look like in 20 years?

On 26 June, Infometrics will release our take on key megatrends likely to affect the NZ and specific sectors at the Infometrics sponsored Industry Training Federation conference. The theme of this conference is ‘Skills in a Changing World’, which will bring together thought leaders from Government, industry, and the education system to consider these themes at global, national, local, and workplace levels.

Infometrics supports Got a Trade? Got it Made! campaign

Infometrics is proud to once again sponsor the Got a Trade? Got it Made! campaign. Got a Trade? Got it Made! focuses on raising awareness of training and career opportunities in New Zealand’s trades and services. The campaign culminates in a dedicated awareness week on 21-27 August that will speak to young people, key influencers, including parents, teachers and careers advisors.

Skills Active – using data to engage with industry

Workforce scanning and development is a key role that Industry Training Organisations (ITOs) undertake.  Skills Active Aotearoa, the ITO for the recreation, sport and exercise industries released a comprehensive Workforce Scan late last year.  The workforce scan was led by Maren Frerichs, General Manager of Industry Engagement at Skills Active.  Shaun Twaddle, Infometrics Director, had a chat with Maren to find out why they put together the workforce scan and how they went about it.

Bright construction outlook for Queenstown-Lakes

The Queenstown-Lakes District has had some phenomenal growth over the past decade or so. On the back of such strong growth, many would expect the rate of future growth in the area to slow. For the construction industry, this is far from the case. In this article, Shaun Twaddle takes a sneak peek at Infometrics recently released Regional Construction Outlook to see how construction activity in the area is shaping up.

Skills more important than ever in the manufacturing sector

The number of medium-high and high-skilled jobs in the manufacturing sector [1] has grown by an average of 1.7%pa over the last 15 years, highlighting the growing demand for skills within the industry.  The increased skills requirement is not a phenomenon that is unique to manufacturing, but is perhaps accentuated by the competitive environment that the sector faces in an ever-more globalised economy.

A brighter outlook for young people in the services industry

The services industry is a key component of New Zealand’s economy, employing about 400,000 people or 18% of all workers in New Zealand. It relies heavily on young people with 30% of workers aged 15-24. Many of these young people work part time, often to fit work around other commitments like school or tertiary study. Some of these young workers stay on in the sector to become experts in their field, like world renowned chef Josh Emett while others stay for a short period of time, like I did, and learn valuable transferable people skills that can be used in other aspects of their working lives.