A quick note on seasonally adjusted car sales

Infometrics uses seasonally adjusted data to gauge month-to-month trends in car registrations. The purpose of doing so is to track whether there are any changes in momentum in car sales growth. It also helps us to look through the seasonal patterns that normally drive sales up or down in any given month. Examples of a regular seasonal pattern include strong growth in new car sales due to rental car purchases in October and November, or the lift in sales around the time of Fieldays in June. This article provides explains how we might use seasonally adjusted data and how we calculate it.

Gorge slip continues to squeeze traffic flows

The Manawatū Gorge remains closed following further slips on the route during May.  In this article, we take a look at the effect this closure has had on traffic flows and examine the costs of the alternative routes.  Spending on state highways over the next four years is expected to be around $9.2bn, but a surprising amount of transport funding has also been allocated to the rail networks. Lastly, we touch on the latest electronic card data, which suggests that the growth in spending on vehicles remains strong, but spending on other freighted retail items is more subdued.

When’s a lolly scramble not a lolly scramble? When Mr Joyce says so

Steven Joyce’s first budget – and National’s ninth since it took up the government benches in late 2008 – set the tone for the election campaign to come, maintaining a rosy outlook for New Zealand. Although the Minister of Finance refuses to call it a “lolly scramble”, it is undeniable that New Zealand’s solid economic growth performance has left the government with the ability to start writing bigger cheques, announcing increased spending across a range of areas.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend

Waymo (the self-driving car arm of Google) and the ride-sharing app Lyft have joined forces to provide self-driving vehicles to the masses. An electric car now holds the fastest time for a street-legal vehicle around the famed Nürburgring race track at 6min 45.9sec and US economists believe that by 2030, people in the US will be largely be getting around in self-driving electric vehicles.

Planning for 2017?

While many of you have enjoyed putting your feet up over recent weeks, spare a thought for Infometrics’ hardworking team. January is a busy month as we prepare to release a range of reports and data sets so that you can understand the economic backdrop for your sector or region over the year ahead. This short note outlines the key dates you need to keep in mind this month and who to get in touch with if you have any questions.