Infrastructure Pipeline Profile

Understand New Zealand’s infrastructure development

The Infrastructure Pipeline Profile describes and analyses all large-scale infrastructure projects and spending in New Zealand over the next ten years.

The profile captures non-building construction:

  • roading, rail, and other land transport
  • ports and airports
  • electricity generation, electricity transmission, and electricity distribution
  • irrigation
  • local council spending on the three waters (water supply, storm water, and sewerage).

Up-to-date information via a web-based platform

Our infrastructure data is accessed through a dynamic and interactive web-based profile.
The profile is updated when new key infrastructure information and data is made available.
Alongside analysis of the overall levels of infrastructure spending, the Profile also provides details of major projects across regions and within infrastructure types.

A comprehensive view of infrastructure information

The Infrastructure Pipeline Profile uses a “bottom-up” approach to understand the pipeline of infrastructure over the next ten years.
This analysis includes details on the type of planned infrastructure spending, the timing and value of major projects, and a regional element of infrastructure spending.
Infometrics draws on a wide range of company- and area-level data to determine planned infrastructure spending.

Detailed regional information

The Infrastructure Pipeline Profile includes details of planned infrastructure spending from central government departments, city and district councils, and private sector companies.

Our unparalleled level of geographical detail provides users with a robust understanding of historic, current, and future infrastructure spend, and allows for comparison between regions.


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