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Benje is a key part of the regional team at Infometrics and has a strong awareness of how macroeconomic factors affect sectoral and regional outcomes.

As part of the regional team, his key responsibilities involve writing regionally-focused economic commentaries and articles, as well as delivering presentations and workshops to clients interested in region-specific economic information.  He also has experience leading projects and writing commentaries on a range of topics including: aviation, tourism, fiscal policy, monetary policy, trade, and the international economy.

Benje regularly appears in the media, sharing his views on a range of regional economic, financial, and political issues.

Benje has a Masters degree in Economics and Politics from the University of Freiburg in Germany where he studied on scholarship from the German Academic Exchange Service. His undergraduate education in economics and finance was completed at Otago University.

Benje hails from the Deep South and still proudly rolls his r’s with vigour. Benje lives and works in Queenstown. When he is not busy looking after our regional clients around the country, you will probably find him up the slopes or out on his bike somewhere in the Wakatipu Basin.