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Infometrics has also provided significant evidenced-based insights on the COVID-19 pandemic, and the responses to the pandemic, from an economic viewpoint. During times of uncertainty and crisis, it is important that the business community, and wider society, have access to easily understood and factual analysis.

Senior Economist Brad Olsen is leading Infometrics’ COVID-19 media communications, and is available for comment on +64 21 253 5646 or

As economists, we focus on examining the economic effects of policies, and provide advice based on current settings. In doing so, economists should and do stay clear of commenting too broadly on actual pandemic planning and actions, leaving that to health experts who are best placed to provide expert views. For the latest advice from the New Zealand Government, please go to

A range of media stories that Infometrics has provided comments for are listed below:

29-Aug-20Coronavirus: Will house prices actually fall?Stuff
28-Aug-20Increase in number of NZers seeking Govt support as lockdown 2.0 bitesStuff
28-Aug-20Covid-19: Bay of Plenty Regional Council believe Bay fearing better than anticipatedNZ Herald
27-Aug-20Covid 19 coronavirus: Thames-Coromandel region feels economic impact of pandemicNZ Herald
27-Aug-20Hospitality sector ‘teetering on the abyss’Stuff
27-Aug-20Talk of need for capital gains tax to fund covid crisisRadio NZ
27-Aug-20Timaru District shows resilience in gross domestic product growthStuff
26-Aug-20Covid’s tough toll on Auckland Council’s booksNewsroom
26-Aug-20Covid 19 coronavirus: North’s economic hit not as bad as national average, but that could changeNZ Herald
25-Aug-20Keeping New Zealand at alert level 2 ‘overly cautious’Stuff
24-Aug-20Building projects save longer Dunedin outlookOtago Daily Times
23-Aug-20A decade of saving and above average income required to buy a house in AucklandStuff
23-Aug-20Sharp reversal’ for Hawke’s Bay economy under shadow of Covid 19NZ Herald
22-Aug-20Tauranga car sale companies busy as travel savings spent on new carsNZ Herald
22-Aug-20Towns that tourism forgot: The uneven impact of the covid recessionBusinessDesk
21-Aug-20Coronavirus: Extent of Covid’s economic hit to the top of the south revealedStuff
21-Aug-20Working togetherGisborne Herald
21-Aug-20$2b in wage subs for businesses that have not paid company taxRadio NZ
21-Aug-20Māori women took hit in first wave of Covid-19 job losses, Stats NZ data showsStuff
21-Aug-20$2b in wage subsidies for businesses that have not paid company taxRadio NZ
21-Aug-20Businesses that have never paid company tax reap wage subsidy benefitsTVNZ
21-Aug-20Selwyn economy remains strong despite pandemicOtago Daily Times
21-Aug-20Coronavirus: Extent of Covid’s economic hit to the top of the south revealedStuff
20-Aug-20Early Business News for 20 August 2020Radio NZ
20-Aug-20Business News for 20 August 2020Radio NZ
20-Aug-20Otago was New Zealand’s hardest hit region after first Covid-19 lockdown – surveyTVNZ
20-Aug-20Regions took massive economic hit during first Covid-19 lockdown, with 50k job losses across NZ – reportTVNZ
20-Aug-20Lockdown 2.0 having heavier impact on businesses, researchers sayStuff
20-Aug-20Otago hardest hit by lockdownOtago Daily Times
20-Aug-20Covid 19 coronavirus: Which regions fared worst? Infometrics forecasts the damageNZ Herald
20-Aug-20Coronavirus: New report reveals extent of COVID-19 impact on regional economiesNewshub
20-Aug-20Covid-19: Economists not sure about post-lockdown reboundRadio NZ
20-Aug-20Returning New Zealanders will profoundly change this country. But how?The Spinoff
20-Aug-20Regional economies suffer pandemic hitAutofile
20-Aug-20Coronavirus: Waikato resilient to Covid’s pummellingStuff
20-Aug-20Coronavirus: Economic activity drops 13 percent compared to same time last yearNewshub
20-Aug-20Covid 19 coronavirus: Returning New Zealanders will profoundly change this country. But how?NZ Herald
20-Aug-20Covid 19 coronavirus: Economists forecast lower lockdown damage this timeNZ Herald
19-Aug-20Auckland under alert level 3: Council predicts 250 jobs lost per dayRadio NZ
19-Aug-20250 jobs lost daily under Covid-19 level 3, Auckland Council economist warnsRadio NZ
19-Aug-20Businesses teeter on the edge of lockdown pressuresRadio NZ
19-Aug-20Covid 19 coronavirus: Auckland Council predicts 250 jobs lost per day under alert level 3NZ Herald
19-Aug-20COVID-19: Auckland Council predicts 250 jobs lost per day under alert level 3Newshub
19-Aug-20Motorsport event to be cancelled this yearOtago Daily Times
19-Aug-20Estimated $1 million loss to economy after Waimate 50 cancelledStuff
18-Aug-20W, U, or a V ‘drawn by a five-year-old’: How economists think we’re trackingStuff
18-Aug-20Who’s the Government borrowing the money from to pay for Covid-19 response?Stuff
18-Aug-20Coronavirus: Auckland has sneezed – are the regions about to catch an economic cold?Stuff
17-Aug-20Northland news in brief: Big Lotto win; and circus cans North tourNZ Herald
17-Aug-20Economic impact of latest lockdownRadio NZ
17-Aug-20Extra two weeks of wage subsidies expected to protect 470,000 jobs at cost of $510mStuff
15-Aug-20New Zealanders encouraged to ‘continue to spend’ following extension of Covid lockdownTVNZ
15-Aug-20Newshub Nation – Coronavirus: Wage subsidy unsustainable, ‘incredible economic pain’ inevitable – economistNewshub
14-Aug-20Concrete evidence of slowdown, equal to GFCBusinessDesk
14-Aug-20Times Radio with Phil Williams – NZ COVID-19 PanelTimes Radio
14-Aug-20Is this the end of the property market recovery?Stuff
14-Aug-20More than 70,000 New Zealanders have signed up for benefits since MarchStuff
14-Aug-20Level 3 cost will be ‘significant’Newsroom
14-Aug-20Seven Sharp – Auckland lockdown 2.0TVNZ
13-Aug-20Every day of lockdown brings us closer to negative interest rates, economists sayStuff
13-Aug-20Fear and lockdown in AucklandNewsroom
13-Aug-20Coronavirus: ‘Fear’ and lockdown in AucklandStuff
13-Aug-20Covid 19 coronavirus: New lockdown will cost economy almost $440 million a weekNZ Herald
13-Aug-20Keeping Auckland at alert level 3 will cost economy $450 million a week, economists sayStuff
13-Aug-20NZ’s Pasifika community strugglingCook Island News
12-Aug-20Jacinda Ardern plunges New Zealand BACK into lockdown with 1.6million Kiwis told they can’t leave home as nation records just FOUR new cases of Covid-19 after 100 days without anyThe Daily Mail
12-Aug-20Mayhem in New Zealand as panic-buying and traffic chaos sweep the country after Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced tough lockdown over just FOUR virus cases – as mayor calls for calmThe Daily Mail
12-Aug-20Jacinda Ardern plunges New Zealand BACK into lockdown with 1.6million Kiwis told they can’t leave home as nation records just FOUR new cases of Covid-19 after 100 days without anyThe Daily Mail
12-Aug-20Mayhem in New Zealand as panic-buying and traffic chaos sweep the country after Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced tough lockdown over just FOUR virus cases – as mayor calls for calmThe Daily Mail
12-Aug-20Auckland businesses prepare for economic impact of level 3Newstalk ZB
12-Aug-20NZ dollar dips, markets brace for tough day after Covid’s returnStuff
12-Aug-20New board appointments at InfometricsNational Business Review
12-Aug-20Morning Briefing August 12: New Covid cases bring NZ crashing back down to earthTVNZ
12-Aug-20Covid 19 coronavirus: Roadblocks, mandatory masks expected as Auckland moves to alert level 3NZ Herald
12-Aug-20Covid 19 coronavirus: Auckland restrictions could affect 250,000 workers in fresh knock to the economyNZ Herald
12-Aug-20Covid 19 coronavirus lockdown: Jacinda Ardern says Auckland in level 3 at midday; NZ in level 2NZ Herald
12-Aug-20No-one I’ve talked to believes this will just go on for 3 days’, says Auckland business chamber bossStuff
12-Aug-20Economists expect OCR to hold in AugustNZ Advisor
12-Aug-20Auckland lockdown set to wipe out $70m over three days in major blow to economyTVNZ
11-Aug-20Move to level 3 will ‘send chills down the back of businesses’Stuff
11-Aug-20NZIER report says increasing benefits would boost the economyStuff
11-Aug-20Move to level 3 will ‘send chills down the back of businesses’Stuff
10-Aug-20OCR Preview: All eyes on quantitative easingGood Returns
10-Aug-20What’s the best investment right now? Economists weigh inStuff
9-Aug-20Our lifeboat floats in a sea of pandemicStuff
9-Aug-20Waikato Inc picks the shape of its recovery as economists warn of pain to comeNZ Herald
7-Aug-20Real estate agents’ earnings up – but warning of a Covid-19 hitStuff
7-Aug-20Slower rise in benefit numbers shows lull before third wave of job losses, economists sayStuff
7-Aug-20Bank exposure to missed business loan payments creeps upNZ Herald
7-Aug-20What will businesses do when wage subsidy runs out?Radio NZ
7-Aug-20Judith Collins, economists give views on Waikato’s bouncebackStuff
6-Aug-20New Zealand’s 4% unemployment rate masks a deeper Covid hit to the labour marketThe Guardian
6-Aug-20Tenants told: brace for rent increase notices in coming weeksStuff
5-Aug-20National’s $80 billion debt hole?Newsroom
5-Aug-20Coronavirus live news: Trump pressed on false death rate claim as Europe faces second waveThe Guardian
5-Aug-20PM: NZ has weathered Covid storm ‘better than we anticipated’Newstalk ZB
5-Aug-20Job data released todayRadio NZ
5-Aug-20Jacinda Ardern says low joblessness shows New Zealand survived COVID-19 ‘better than anticipated’ – but travel industry calling for helpNewshub
4-Aug-20Young Kiwis across the country ‘bearing the brunt’ of economic downturnStuff
4-Aug-20Auditor-General says public deserves a proper assessment of PGF ‘as quickly as possible’NZ Herald
3-Aug-20New Zealand’s unemployment jump set to be revealedStuff
3-Aug-20New Zealand’s unemployment jump set to be revealedStuff
3-Aug-20Hawke’s Bay youths get second shot at employment with new schemeTVNZ Monthly Property Update – August
2-Aug-20Retirement: Two Auckland couples downsize their way into early retirement by the seaStuff
31-Jul-20Economists ‘might have to concede they overestimated negatives’Stuff
31-Jul-20Economists ‘might have to concede they overestimated negatives’Stuff
31-Jul-20Fewer jobseeker support applications shows economy doing better than expectedStuff
30-Jul-20200 more jobless since MarchAshburton Courier
30-Jul-20Covid quarantine fees about emotion not economicsNewsroom
30-Jul-20Covid-19 quarantine fees about emotion not economicsStuff
30-Jul-20Building consent numbers stable but uncertainty over what lies aheadStuff
29-Jul-20Fanciful debt reduction target is National’s KiwiBuildStuff
29-Jul-20More job losses ahead despite positive news, economists warnStuff
29-Jul-20What the Misery Index means for the GovernmentNewshub
29-Jul-20National’s proposal for Kiwisaver to be used for starting a business is risky experts sayNewshub
29-Jul-20Small, easy grants to help people start businesses a useful part of the Covid ‘rebuild’ planStuff
29-Jul-20Southern businesses hanging in there? That’s no small thing.Stuff
28-Jul-20Shoots of green Covid-19 recovery crushed by wheels of industryStuff
28-Jul-20Generation Now helping future generationsNewsroom
28-Jul-20Latest stats show jobs rising, but young people still strugglingNewstalk ZB
27-Jul-20Economic pinch is yet to comeWairarapa Times-Age
27-Jul-20Queenstown rental glut a boon for tenants, hard for landlordsStuff
25-Jul-20Go Local! Feature: Northland businesses fear end of wage subsidy schemeNZ Herald
25-Jul-20Ngāi Te Rangi’s pumps $120K into employment initiative to soften economic hitNZ Herald
25-Jul-20Survivor City: Christchurch jobseekers face uncertain road as Covid crisis stretches onStuff
24-Jul-20NZ election 2020: Labour’s keeping tax hikes ‘in the safe’ – Simon BridgesNewshub
24-Jul-20TVNZ Breakfast – Kiwis warned wage subsidy ‘delaying the inevitable’TVNZ
24-Jul-20Infometrics says more clarity around shovel-ready projects neededNational Business Review
24-Jul-20National lashes out at “scaremongering” Government, as ACT doubles down on cutsStuff
24-Jul-20COVID-19: More people receiving income support now than during the Global Financial Crisis – figuresNewshub
24-Jul-20COVID-19: More people receiving income support now than during the Global Financial Crisis – figuresNewshub
24-Jul-20Dramatic rise in unemployment numbersAshburton Guardian
23-Jul-20Wage subsidy ‘expensive exercise in delaying job losses’Stuff
23-Jul-20Subsidy delaying pain – EconomistAutofile
23-Jul-20Concerns about economic complacencyRadio NZ
23-Jul-20Unemployment expected to get worse, peak next year – InfometricsRadio NZ
23-Jul-20Wage subsidy ‘expensive exercise in delaying job losses’Stuff
23-Jul-20NZ dollar holds near 6-month high amid US-China tensionsBusinessDesk
23-Jul-20NZ dollar holds near 6-month high amid US-China tensionsNZ Herald
23-Jul-20New Zealand unemployment expected to worsen, peak next yearNewshub
23-Jul-20New Zealand’s economic problems will emerge after September! But it’s not without good newsSky Kiwi
23-Jul-20NZ First policy to slash immigration would harm economic recovery, experts sayStuff
23-Jul-20Cuts could undo shovel-ready jobs pushNewsroom
23-Jul-20National would need to cut tens of billions in public services to meet debt targetStuff
21-Jul-20Coronavirus: More businesses launching post-lockdown, but expert urges cautionStuff
20-Jul-20Experimental economist says self-isolation charge is overkllNewstalk ZB
20-Jul-20Small business confidence rising despite tougher conditions expected ahead – surveyNewshub
20-Jul-20$800 million infrastructure boost in council GST refund proposalStuff
19-Jul-20New Zealand manufacturing in crisis: ‘What do we do now?’Stuff
18-Jul-20Covid 19 coronavirus: Economic impact in Whanganui softer than national averagesNZ Herald
18-Jul-20MSD identifies 30,000 people who may be missing out on moneyStuff
18-Jul-20Waipā looks to strong primary sector and limited exposure to international tourismNZ Herald
17-Jul-20National promises to freeze payments to the New Zealand Super FundNewstalk ZB
16-Jul-20Data highlights Covid job lossesOtago Daily Times
16-Jul-20Controversy overshadows speechTimaru Courier
15-Jul-20National’s woes ‘have made debate on economy harder’Stuff
15-Jul-20Banks worry some commercial property customers at higher risk of default with the impact of Covid-19Stuff
15-Jul-20Job ad rises creating false optimism, economist warnsNational Business Review
15-Jul-20Early Business News for 15 July 2020Radio NZ
15-Jul-20Business News for 15 July 2020Radio NZ
15-Jul-20Claims for second tranche of wage subsidies tailing off with only $1.6b requestedStuff
15-Jul-20National’s woes ‘have made debate on economy harder’Stuff
15-Jul-20Demand for residential mortgages downRadio NZ
15-Jul-20Even local lockdowns would be shock to ‘business as usual’ KiwisStuff
15-Jul-20Morning Post|There are also errors in the results of the isolation test. Such visas are expected toSky Kiwi
15-Jul-20Could Covid accelerate the gig economy?National Business Review
15-Jul-20Demand for residential mortgages downRadio NZ
15-Jul-20Southland’s strong real estate market may change, experts saySouthland App
14-Jul-20Businesses repay hundreds of millions of dollars in wage subsidiesStuff
14-Jul-20Does having a qualification mean you’ll earn more money?Stuff
14-Jul-20Sir Stephen Tindall among 83 millionaires wanting to raise taxes for the wealthyStuff
13-Jul-20Few skilled workers want to come to world’s coolest little capital – reportStuff
12-Jul-20Returning Kiwi Ben Jory has imported his own job from LondonStuff
10-Jul-20Water, money, controlNewsroom
10-Jul-20Jobseeker numbers topped 201,000 in June, and more job-losses expectedStuff
10-Jul-20Struggling businesses call for targeted wage subsidy extensionRadio NZ
10-Jul-20Covid 19 coronavirus: Jobless benefit numbers approaching GFC levels in New ZealandNZ Herald
10-Jul-20What happens after the wage subsidy is over? Enterprise Appeal: Targeted extension of subsidiesChinese NZ Herald
9-Jul-20Tiwai closure: Southlanders look for optionsBusinessDesk
8-Jul-20Editorial: Our human godwits return earlyNZ Herald
8-Jul-20Just another port studyNewsroom
8-Jul-20Coronavirus: New Zealand records biggest GDP quarterly fall in 29 years – top Kiwi economistNewshub
7-Jul-20Empty shelves as retailers struggle to get the stockStuff
7-Jul-20PM confirms wage subsidy to end in SeptemberRadio NZ
7-Jul-20COVID-19: New Zealand economy ‘not out of the woods yet’ – economist Brad OlsenNewshub
6-Jul-20House prices: If there’s another outbreak, the impact will be ‘almost cataclysmic’NZ Herald
6-Jul-20The brain gain: How returning Kiwis will boost the economyNZ Herald
6-Jul-20‘Waiting on the world’ for infrastructure workersNewsroom
6-Jul-20Businesses urged to be proactive when wage subsidy endsNewstalk ZB
6-Jul-20Outflow of talents will return to New Zealand economy because of the epidemicChinese NZ Herald
6-Jul-20Kiwis’ property love buffers housing market from Covid-19Stuff
4-Jul-20Covid 19 coronavirus: Wilson Parking claims another $1 million wage subsidyNZ Herald
4-Jul-20Wilson Parking claims another $1 million wage subsidyOtago Daily Times
4-Jul-20Wilson Parking receives more than $1m in wage subsidyRadio NZ
4-Jul-20$12 billion isn’t nearly enough: The scale of Wellington’s infrastructure deficitStuff
3-Jul-20More than 200,000 New Zealanders now on unemployment benefitsStuff
3-Jul-20COVID unemployment relief payments up 51 percent in one weekNewshub
3-Jul-20Wilson Parking receives more than $1m in wage subsidyRadio NZ
3-Jul-20Queenstown: a tourist town with no tourists fights despair among stranded workersThe Guardian
2-Jul-20Positive news for unemployed workers as job ads start to reboundNewstalk ZB
1-Jul-20Is wealth of $1m, income of $100,000 actually rich?Stuff
29-Jun-20Greens propose a wealth tax to fund its welfare policeRadio NZ
29-Jun-20More people in work post-lockdown but younger Kiwis, women still strugglingTVNZ
28-Jun-20Diana Clement: Post-Covid recession, unemployment, likely until 2022NZ Herald
28-Jun-20What’s really going to happen with New Zealand’s house prices?Stuff
26-Jun-20Football: Women’s World Cup poised to cash in on post-coronavirus tourism boomNewshub
26-Jun-20Wage subsidy supporting thousands more workersStuff
26-Jun-20Otago beneficiaries climb since pandemic beginningOtago Daily Times
26-Jun-20Covid-19: Number of beneficiaries rises in OtagoRadio NZ
24-Jun-20Reserve Bank expected to hold interest ratesRadio NZ
24-Jun-20$40-an-hour jobs going, but where are the applicants?Stuff
24-Jun-20Queenstown social agencies buckling under mounting pressureStuff
24-Jun-20Reserve Bank holds OCR at 0.25% but says not clear stimulus sufficientStuff
23-Jun-20Controversial pastor’s church took almost $100k in wage subsidyStuff
23-Jun-20Credit card spending lifts after record lockdown dropStuff
23-Jun-20After the epidemic ended, credit card consumption rose sharply, can the economySky Kiwi
23-Jun-20Three-tier welfare system ‘lacks dignity’Newsroom
22-Jun-20Economic snapshot: markets on edge over jump in Covid casesStuff
21-Jun-20Coronavirus: Hardest-hit businesses fear a return to higher alert levels due to Government border bungleStuff
20-Jun-20Has the Social Credit Party ‘won’ its argument after all this time?Stuff
20-Jun-20Social services say demand overwhelmingOtago Daily Times
19-Jun-20Economist: Once the border is lost, the New Zealand economy will be devastatedSky Kiwi
19-Jun-20Border mismanagement NZ’s ‘biggest economic threat’Stuff
19-Jun-20Thousands sign up for Covid-19 income relief paymentStuff
19-Jun-20Latest SEEK data shows double-digit growth in jobs advertisedNewshub
19-Jun-20RBNZ Survey: Negative OCR is imminent, say expertsFinder
19-Jun-20Latest recruitment data: The number of recent recruitment advertisements has increased significantly. Specific positions are theseChinese NZ Herald
19-Jun-20Nelson-Tasman leaders release economic action planStuff
18-Jun-20GDP figures reveals Covid-19’s early hit to New Zealand economyTVNZ
18-Jun-20GDP figures down 1.6 percent – largest fall in 29 yearsNewstalk ZB
18-Jun-20Burger King receivers say debt and Covid-19 were significant blowsStuff
18-Jun-20Covid-19 took 1.6 per cent chunk out of GDP by end of MarchStuff
18-Jun-20Queenstown residents ‘exhausted, afraid and losing hope’Radio NZ
18-Jun-20A review of things you need to know before you go home on Thursday; economic ‘growth’ turns negative, farms sell at a very slow pace, residential investment falls away, swaps stable, NZD holds, &
18-Jun-20Unemployment up 23% in six months in Hawke’s BayNZ Herald
17-Jun-20Job losses could keep coming for years: EconomistStuff
16-Jun-20Signs rental property market turning in favour of tenantsTVNZ
16-Jun-20The latest survey: the decline in housing rents in most parts of the country benefits tenantsSky Kiwi
16-Jun-20NZ dollar and NZX miss out on strong rally after Covid-free streak endsStuff
15-Jun-20Coronavirus and oil and gas changes affecting city’s population growthStuff
14-Jun-20Economist’s advice for first-time investors as Covid-19 sees uptake in sharemarket – ‘keep your wits about you’TVNZ
14-Jun-20Todd Muller touts National Party’s government vision if elected in 2020Radio NZ
14-Jun-20National leader Todd Muller lays out vision for New Zealand in key speechNewshub
14-Jun-20National Party leader Todd Muller gives first speech at home since becoming leader of the oppositionNZ Herald
14-Jun-20Muller’s ‘compassionate conservative’ pitch puts economy at foreBusinessDesk
12-Jun-20Rent-free apartment living: Is there a catch?Stuff
12-Jun-20Benefit numbers up again as businesses face post-subsidy futureStuff
12-Jun-20Real Estate company offers free rent on Auckland city apartments while deposit savedNewshub
12-Jun-20Economist predicts 1700 job losses in TairawhitiGisborne Herald
11-Jun-20New Zealanders pay hundreds of thousands more for a fourth bedroomStuff
11-Jun-20Poll: Have you lost your job in the wake of the COVID-19 downturn?Newshub
11-Jun-20Work from home or save the CBD?Newsroom
11-Jun-20Don’t just buy local – buy MāoriNZ Herald
10-Jun-20IRD’s Small Business Cashflow Loan Scheme lends more than $1.3 billionStuff
10-Jun-20‘Brain drain’ could follow border re-openingNewsroom
10-Jun-20Coronavirus: Wellington – it’s time to reach into your pocketsStuff
10-Jun-20Covid 19 coronavirus: What’s next for the multi-billion dollar wage subsidy scheme?NZ Herald
10-Jun-20New Zealand cities: How expensive are they by international standards?Stuff
10-Jun-20Finance Minister on The Warehouse and wage subsidy schemeNewstalk ZB
9-Jun-20Five reasons to feel positive, even facing into a recessionStuff
9-Jun-20Level 1 for retailers: Will the shoppers come back?Stuff
9-Jun-20Businesses regain some confidence but report job losses still in the pipelineStuff
9-Jun-20Recovery plan could need to address 1700 job lossesGisborne Herald
9-Jun-20GST holiday for shoppers ‘an idea we need to take seriously’ to kickstart economy – expertTVNZ
9-Jun-20Covid-19: Data shows job losses could reach 5000 in SouthlandStuff
9-Jun-20Business News for 9 June 2020Radio NZ
8-Jun-20Economist: Alert level one move won’t be an instant fix for economyNewstalk ZB
8-Jun-20Economist: Alert level one move won’t be an instant fix for economyNewstalk ZB
8-Jun-20Coronavirus: Young people bear the brunt of first Covid-19 unemployment waveStuff
8-Jun-20Coronavirus: No new jobs for a year in New Zealand – economistNewshub
8-Jun-20Warehouse closes and lays off, but economists predict even more terrifyingSky Kiwi
8-Jun-20Building sector loses steam before lockdownStuff
7-Jun-20Coronavirus: Up to 120,000 Kiwis predicted to lose jobs – economistNewshub
6-Jun-20Who is Brad Olsen, boy wonder and economist extraordinaire?The Spinoff
6-Jun-20Kiwi entrepreneurs share how they’re navigating Covid-19Stuff
6-Jun-20Who is Brad Olsen, boy wonder and economist extraordinaire?The Spinoff
5-Jun-20Beneficiary number increase sparks warning of second wave of unemploymentStuff
5-Jun-20Region well-placed to weather stormTimaru Courier
5-Jun-20How do we prepare for a permanent shift to remote working? Stuff
5-Jun-20Queenstown to take $633 million hitNZ Herald
4-Jun-20How Covid-19 took one man’s health, business and 30 jobsStuff
4-Jun-20All parties call for some immigrants to enter! “Some vacant New Zealanders cannot fill in”Sky Kiwi
4-Jun-20Housing in the post-covid economyRadio NZ
4-Jun-20Queenstown unemployment from 1.1% to 18.5% in a year – InfometricsRadio NZ
4-Jun-20Queenstown will take years to recover – economistsOtago Daily Times
4-Jun-20Mayor on new 7,000 job loss forecast – “bleak picture”Crux
3-Jun-20Wellington CBD cafes desperate for government workers to return to the officeNewshub
3-Jun-20Coronavirus: Skilled workers missing in Covid-19 economic recoveryStuff
3-Jun-20Under the test of the epidemic, the Auckland real estate market shows strong resilienceChinese NZ Herald
3-Jun-20Covid 19 coronavirus: Infometrics report forecasts 3700 Rotorua job lossesNZ Herald
3-Jun-20Covid-19: Fears of 3700 job losses in Rotorua due to coronavirusStuff
2-Jun-20Consents fall during lockdown, with warning of worse aheadStuff
2-Jun-20Economists divided on Muller’s job policy for SMEsStuff
2-Jun-20House sellers bullish about asking prices – is the confidence misplaced?Stuff
2-Jun-20Union appreciates Countdown gifting employees $10 million in shares, but says they ‘don’t pay the rent’TVNZ
2-Jun-20Waikato property market shows no signs of Covid-19 hangoverStuff
2-Jun-20Not all doom and gloomKaipara Lifestyler
1-Jun-20Timaru well-equipped for Covid-19 shock, says economistStuff
1-Jun-20Carving a new future after covidStuff
31-May-20New Zealand faces ‘looming collapse’ of infrastructure – economistNewshub
31-May-203MM: Brad Olsen on building pipes, not pipe dreamsRadio NZ
31-May-20Wage subsidy about to run out, businesses ask: Now what?Stuff
31-May-20Editorial: Wage subsidies welcome but jobs are what’s neededNZ Herald
31-May-20Coronavirus: Mental health fears for jobless tourism workersStuff
31-May-20How a negative interest rate would impact youBayleys
30-May-20Burger King failed under the weight debt and low profit marginsStuff
30-May-20Mega build breaks ground in Hamilton’s CBDStuff
29-May-20New Zealand’s big bill for ‘lockdown we didn’t need’Stuff
29-May-20Todd Muller’s beige persona might not be a bad thing in the battle against Jacinda ArdernThe Guardian
28-May-20Parliament: Oral Questions — Questions to Ministers (28 May 2020)Parliament
28-May-20Two hundred Kiwibuild homes hit by construction delays, many by more than six monthsTVNZ
28-May-20Covid 19 coronavirus: Worse than the GFC already, labour market may enter ‘second wave’ of job lossesNZ Herald
28-May-20Why house prices must fall – and why the news isn’t all badNZ Herald
28-May-20Labour market may enter ‘second wave’ of job lossesOtago Daily Times
28-May-20New Zealand is facing a “second wave” of layoffs, and unemployment will be much worse than during the global financial crisisChinese NZ Herald
28-May-2012,000 headline-grabbing redundancies ‘tip of the iceberg’Stuff
27-May-20Brad Olsen: Treasury unemployment forecast is unrealisticNewstalk ZB
27-May-20Immigration slows down and returns to the hometown to increase epidemic situation andSky Kiwi
26-May-20Restarting Waikato economy requires new ways of thinkingWaikato Business News
26-May-20Shock to the system: The regions hardest hit by job lossesOneRoof
26-May-20Really, really hard’: More job cuts as Kiwis spend less during coronavirus pandemicNewshub
25-May-20Coronavirus: Businesses say they’ll go to the wall if level 2 lasts another monthStuff
25-May-20If migration stops, should we stop building?Newsroom
25-May-20Coronavirus: Treasury unemployment forecast unrealistically rosy, economists sayStuff
25-May-20First report of Covid 19 impacts on Coromandel economyNZ Herald
25-May-20Construction slump a ‘huge opportunity’ for Tauranga first-home buyersNZ Herald
24-May-20Redundant worker asks: What am I if I don’t have my job?Stuff
22-May-20Here’s how banks decide what interest rate you’ll payStuff
22-May-20Mortgage wars continue: ASB, Kiwibank takes leadStuff
22-May-20I don’t understand the budget so I got an economist to explain it to meRe:
21-May-20Early Business News for 21 May 2020Radio NZ
21-May-20Regional economies set to suffer as NZ faces ‘greatest economic shock in a century’, data predictsNewshub
21-May-20Report shows early effects of lockdownOtago Daily Times
21-May-20Business News for 21 May 2020Radio NZ
21-May-20How could a four-day week work for Kiwis?Stuff
21-May-20Interest rates drop tempting homeowners to break fixed mortgagesNewshub
21-May-20Regional New Zealand is forecast to struggleRadio NZ
21-May-20Outlook grim but there’s hope – InfometricsEV Talk
21-May-20250k jobs could go in ‘greatest shock’ in a century – InfometricsTourism Ticker
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21-May-20If migration stops, should we stop building?Newsroom
20-May-20Coronavirus: What can we expect from post-Covid-19 office spaces?Stuff
20-May-20Peters: NZ First won’t support more public holidaysStuff
20-May-20Treasury: post-Covid unemployment forecast of 4% to 6% ‘about level of precision you can expect’Stuff
20-May-20Extra public holiday could work if Government subsidies businessesNewstalk ZB
20-May-20Covid-19 fallout: Bay could lose 14,550 jobs by 2021NZ Herald
19-May-20What is a negative interest rate, and what would it mean for you?Stuff
19-May-20Covid-19 impact on BOP economy may not be ‘as significant as originally anticipated’NZ Herald
18-May-20Hawke’s Bay leaders launch Mayoral Drought Relief FundNZ Herald
18-May-20Grim economic forecast for Nelson post-coronavirusStuff
18-May-20Uncertainty over domestic tourism forecast for Nelson-TasmanStuff
16-May-20Here are five money lessons we’ve (maybe) learnt from lockdownStuff
16-May-20Coronavirus: 5000 job losses predicted for SouthlandStuff
15-May-20Economist weighs in on wage subsidy scheme extensionNewstalk ZB
The budget has given New Zealand an opportunity it can’t afford to squander
The Guardian
15-May-20Coronavirus: Challenges ahead for big box retail in post Covid-19 worldStuff
15-May-20Canterbury’s fastest growing district set to take big hitOtago Daily Times
14-May-20Budget 2020: A decade of economic pain, Robertson uses balance sheet to shield economyStuff
14-May-20Budget 2020: Robertson quotes two unemployment forecasts but economist fears Treasury is optimisticStuff
14-May-20An overview of the 2020 budgetRadio NZ
14-May-20Budget 2020: Government throws $3.2b lifeline in Budget to ‘worst hit’ firmsStuff
14-May-20New Zealand budget: Robertson lays out $50bn plan to return jobs to pre-Covid-19 levelsThe Guardian
13-May-20Housing groups call for dramatic investment to help in Covid-19 recoveryRadio NZ
13-May-20Could this be the one housing market that’s immune to Covid-19?OneRoof
13-May-20Coronavirus: Get set for ‘second wave’ in unemploymentStuff
13-May-20Coronavirus: Bunnings closures heap more economic woe on Waipā during Covid-19Stuff
12-May-20Coronavirus: Thousands of Kiwis think cash bonus from Government will kickstart economyNewshub
12-May-20What do you think of most New Zealanders supporting the people to send money?Sky Kiwi
12-May-20Christchurch rates: Just a little bit more? No, enough already. Stop it.Stuff
12-May-20Mortgage wars: NZ’s largest bank offers home loan under 3 per centNZ Herald
11-May-20Economists: Lockdown exit looking like one of the best-case scenariosStuff
11-May-20Second chance’ grants may be one way to help business get back on its feetStuff
11-May-20OCR Preview: Economists predict rate will stay on holdGood Returns
11-May-20Economy showing strain, are welfare changes coming?Radio NZ
11-May-20Taranaki leaders pleased with level 2 moveStuff
10-May-20Economists’ wishlist: Training, investment and growthStuff
10-May-20Auckland suburbs that could rebuff Covid-19 downturnOneRoof
10-May-20Coronavirus: Beyond travel, what will a trans-Tasman bubble mean for NZ’s economy?Stuff
8-May-20Government considering change to benefit access rulesStuff
8-May-20Coronavirus: Have the banks let us down?Stuff
8-May-20Courier worker calls for compassion ahead of Mother’s Day delivery surgeStuff
8-May-20Mortgage wars: Banks cut rates below 3%Otago Daily Times
8-May-20Less than 3%! Many banks have pushed out new mortgage rates, some of which will take effect today!Sky Kiwi
8-May-20Mortgage wars: Banks cut rates below 3 per cent but first home buyer caution urgedNZ Herald
8-May-20Mortgage wars: Banks cut rates below 3 per centNewstalk ZB
8-May-20Coronavirus: Whangārei’s economy forecast to lose $197m in the face of Covid-19Stuff
8-May-20Coronavirus: Whangārei’s economy forecast to lose $197m in the face of Covid-19NZ Herald
7-May-20Infometrics says we should look to the 1930s for a solution to help the economy recover from a COVID-19 recession by building more state
7-May-20Time to channel Great Depression, get building state houses: InfometricsStuff
7-May-20New Zealand is expected to expand state-funded housing construction projectsWSJ
7-May-20Coronavirus: Level 2? We’re going back to workStuff
6-May-20National party proposal of GST refunds gets wide supportRadio NZ
6-May-20Go Local! Uncertain times for Northland businesses as benefit numbers soarNZ Herald
5-May-20Five predictions for NZ’s post-Covid-19 housing marketOneRoof
5-May-20Maori jobless numbers set to spikeWaatea News
5-May-20Thousands of businesses struggling to pay rent as Alert Level 3 fails to bring expected liftTVNZ
5-May-20Coronavirus: Lockdown could trigger property market power-shiftStuff
5-May-20Covid 19 coronavirus: Push for a ‘wood-first’ approach to economic recoveryNZ Herald
5-May-20More than 75% of Hawke’s Bay back at work, but uncertain times aheadNZ Herald
4-May-20Covid 19 coronavirus: Life under level 3 – Is New Zealand’s economy running at three quarters of capacity?NZ Herald
4-May-20Call to address housingOtago Daily Times
4-May-20Covid 19 coronavirus: Dunedin needs millions for low-cost rental homesNZ Herald
4-May-20Taranaki tourism operators welcome slight upturn after lockdownRadio NZ
1-May-20Coronavirus: Those left unscathed by the economic crisis must do their part in the recoveryStuff
1-May-20Coronavirus: How many unemployed? We’ll have to wait to find outStuff
1-May-20Spending slumps – but not everyone hit equallyStuff
30-Apr-20Covid 19 coronavirus: Senior economist Brad Olsen says Whanganui well positioned to ‘weather the storm’NZ Herald
30-Apr-20What Asian and Pacific Countries Can Teach the World About How to—and How Not to—Reopen Our EconomiesTIME
30-Apr-20Unemployment wave in New Zealand will come in three waves, “Economy needs to save, don’t waitSky Kiwi
30-Apr-20Venture Taranaki: New report projects Covid-19 impact on Taranaki economyNZ Herald
30-Apr-20Coronavirus: Hundreds of millions to be slashed from Taranaki’s economy and rising unemployment predictedStuff
30-Apr-20Rural sector offers hopeTimaru Courier
29-Apr-20Benefit numbers exceed GFC – and worse to comeStuff
29-Apr-20Domestic tourism key to recoveryStuff
29-Apr-20Builders hope that clients won’t desert them as they emerge from lockdownStuff
29-Apr-20Crisis chills Queenstown’s white-hot property marketNewsroom
28-Apr-20The 12-week wage subsidy is nearly over, but businesses are still feeling painStuff
28-Apr-20Up to 80% of businesses open at Level 3, but closures and further job losses likelyTVNZ
27-Apr-20Coronavirus: How Waikato business leaders plan to revive regional economy post-Covid-19 lockdownStuff
26-Apr-20Covid-19 coronavirus: Ngāi Tahu Tourism closures a sign of the times in RotoruaNZ Herald
26-Apr-20Back to 2019: Even big house price falls wouldn’t set some regions back farStuff
26-Apr-20Coronavirus: Budget 2020 may be time to look beyond Covid-19 ‘relief’ and towards recoveryStuff
24-Apr-20Primary sector helping Waitaki through crisisŌamaru Mail
24-Apr-20Education hit hard by border closuresOtago Daily Times
24-Apr-20Unemployment set to soar in Hawke’s Bay, but ‘resilient’ economy will help reboundNZ Herald
24-Apr-20Home deposit rules a ‘speedbump’ the economy doesn’t need right nowOneRoof
24-Apr-20Coronavirus: Rich migrants not solution to New Zealand’s Covid-19 problems, economists sayStuff
24-Apr-20Policies encourage the rich to immigrate to New Zealand … Is it good to revive the economy?Sky Kiwi
24-Apr-20Poll shows no one laid off at 92% of Waikato businessesNZ Herald
24-Apr-20Coronavirus: Record fall for credit card spending in March, Reserve Bank saysStuff
24-Apr-20Why New Zealand’s Coronavirus Elimination Strategy Is Unlikely to Work Most Other PlacesTIME
23-Apr-20Rich migrants not solution to New Zealand’s Covid-19 problems, economists sayStuff
23-Apr-20Building sector in for hard timeOtago Daily Times
23-Apr-20Should the government directly pay the people to stimulate consumption? The finance minister saidSky Kiwi
23-Apr-20Coronavirus: Cash payments to all Kiwis an option to boost economy – Grant RobertsonNewshub
23-Apr-20Coronavirus: ‘Helicopter money’ for everyone an option to boost economy – Grant RobertsonNewshub
23-Apr-20Universal cash handouts to all New Zealanders among options Government is consideringTVNZ
22-Apr-20Major industry’s future in Dunedin uncertainOtago Daily Times
22-Apr-20Mike Hosking Breakfast Show: Cash payouts to householdsNewstalk ZB
21-Apr-20Forestry families eager to ‘help get the country going again’Stuff
21-Apr-20Reserve Bank prepares to axe loan-to-value restrictions for home-buyersStuff
21-Apr-20Recovery likely to be slow, even with bold government initiativesWaikato Business News
21-Apr-20What happens if your house is worth less than your home loan?Stuff
21-Apr-20Will developing the rail network kick-start the economy?Radio NZ
20-Apr-20Covid 19 coronavirus: Jobs losses and years to recover – Rotorua hotels take big hitNZ Herald
20-Apr-20Covid 19 coronavirus: Construction industry welcomes level 3 announcementNZ Herald
20-Apr-20Economist: Covid-19 job losses a chance to co-ordinate skillsNewstalk ZB
20-Apr-20Economy thrown much-needed lifeline as Government plans drop to Alert Level 3TVNZ
20-Apr-20The good, bad, and ‘shovel ready’Newsroom
20-Apr-20Coronavirus: With flights grounded indefinitely, how will travel agencies survive Covid-19?Stuff
20-Apr-20Delivery services are expecting another surge in demand at level 3Stuff
19-Apr-20Coronavirus: Redundancy hammers mental and physical healthStuff
19-Apr-20The houses most at risk of price drops – and those that could rebuff a downturnOneRoof
19-Apr-20Coronavirus: Health experts feel censored over alternative lockdown planNewshub
18-Apr-20Coronavirus: Eateries have to adapt or risk going bust under level 3, experts sayStuff
17-Apr-20Early Business News for 17 April 2020Radio NZ
17-Apr-20Business News for 17 April 2020Radio NZ
17-Apr-20Infometrics forecasts economic recovery could take nearly 3 yearsNational Business Review
17-Apr-20Coronavirus: House prices tipped to plummet as potential buyers go brokeNewshub
17-Apr-20Unemployment to average above 9 per cent next year with house prices down 11 per cent – economist forecastsStuff
17-Apr-20Morning Briefing April 17: Life at Level 3 brings excitement, concern and cautionTVNZ
17-Apr-20Forecast on the post-pandemic economyContractor Magazine
17-Apr-20Level 4 to level 3 – What is the data telling us?Radio NZ
17-Apr-20Economist: Government’s generous relief pushes up debt and tax increase is inevitableSky Kiwi
16-Apr-20Rethinking HB business futureBay Buzz
16-Apr-20They lower their wages during the
16-Apr-20Coronavirus: Tax changes coming to pay for Covid-19 response: What will they look like?Stuff
14-Apr-20Too-short ‘failed lockdown’ would be worse outcome for economy in long run, bank warnsStuff
12-Apr-20Coronavirus: Splashing out, then slowing down – what the post-lockdown retail climate will be likeStuff
12-Apr-20Media beat the drum to roll back lockdown – and sound the alarmRadio NZ
11-Apr-20Covid 19 coronavirus: Sir Bill English warns that if markets shake off Covid-19, the public will respondNZ Herald
11-Apr-20Coronavirus: splash and then slow down. The retail climate following the post-lockout will be what it isOther
9-Apr-20Covid-19 coronavirus: Councils warned rates freezes could cripple economic recoveryNZ Herald
9-Apr-20Coronavirus: New Zealand has advantage in world trade slump, economist saysStuff
8-Apr-20Kāpiti’s economy ‘resilient’ but will still take a big hitNZ Herald
7-Apr-20New World stores will withdraw claims for wage subsidiesStuff
6-Apr-20Coronavirus: Here’s how bad Covid-19 has been for KiwiSaver so farStuff
6-Apr-20Nine to Noon – Post covid economic recoveryRadio NZ
6-Apr-20Coronavirus: Cash payments to citizens ‘can’t be ruled out’Stuff
6-Apr-20A young person’s guide to money in the days of COVID-19Re:
5-Apr-20Here are the factors that could influence the value of your home from hereStuff
5-Apr-20Housing: Where to from here?Property Noise
5-Apr-20Third of businesses fear permanent closure during Covid-19 crisisTVNZ
3-Apr-20Coronavirus: OECD expects big impact for NZ economyStuff
3-Apr-20Crisis tells us who the real workers areStuff
1-Apr-20Minimum wage increase expected to hit businesses hardNewstalk ZB
1-Apr-20Real estate agents expected to drop out of the industryNZ Advisor
1-Apr-20Businesses costs rise as the minimum wages goes upRadio NZ
30-Mar-20Economist: Covid-19 economic crisis could be as bad as Great DepressionNewstalk ZB
30-Mar-20Half of employed Kiwis are ‘sitting at home’ unable to work amid coronavirus lockdownTVNZ
30-Mar-201.2 million NZ workers thought to be ‘sitting idle’ at home during lockdownStuff
30-Mar-20Predictions real estate salespeople will exit market as turnover plummetsStuff
29-Mar-20The economy is on life support but it’s not dead, economist saysStuff
28-Mar-20Infometric’s Gareth Kiernan sees a massive hit to growth, then some sort of recovery and reasons for cautious
28-Mar-20Newshub Nation – COVID-19Newshub
27-Mar-20Is it time for a Universal Basic Income?Re:
27-Mar-20Economy poised to shut down to save livesArchitecture Now
27-Mar-20Pump it up: Hamilton City Council opens money valves for those hit by coronavirusStuff
27-Mar-20After the lockdown, what?Politik
26-Mar-20New Zealand Economy Facing Biggest Activity Drop Ever SeenBloomberg
23-Mar-20Economists: This will be bad but it could have been worseStuff
19-Mar-20NZ’s already tepid economic growth heading for a nose diveNZ Herald
19-Mar-20More economists warn tough times in housing market to comeStuff
19-Mar-20Over 16,000 Kiwis apply for coronavirus wage subsidy in first day of applicationsTVNZ
19-Mar-20NZ’s already tepid economic growth heading for a nose diveNZ Herald
18-Mar-20Govt subsidy ‘providing support for people who are already out of work’Stuff
17-Mar-20Coronavirus: Reserve Bank talks up how much banks should be able to lendNZ Herald
17-Mar-20ASB: Heat has evaporated from housing marketStuff
17-Mar-20New Zealand’s coronavirus stimulus leaves the working poor most exposedThe Guardian
16-Mar-20Coronavirus: Reserve Bank cuts OCR to record low 0.25 per centNZ Herald
16-Mar-20Coronavirus: tourism ‘wave of cancellations’ could trigger lay-offsStuff
16-Mar-20New Zealand may sink into deep recession, central bank urges banks to continue lendingChinese NZ Herald
16-Mar-20Coronavirus: Reserve Bank cuts OCR to record low 0.25 per centNZ Herald
16-Mar-20Reserve Bank governor gives word to cap official cash rate at 0.25 per cent for a yearStuff
15-Mar-20Coronavirus: We can enforce self-isolation, Jacinda Ardern saysNewstalk ZB
15-Mar-20Coronavirus: Financial impact could be worse than global financial crisis – economistNewstalk ZB
15-Mar-20Accommodation data ditched months ago to save costsNewsroom
15-Mar-20Economists warn new travel restrictions ‘will have significant impact’Newstalk ZB
15-Mar-20Experts: New travel ban will bring economic “massacre”Chinese NZ Herald
14-Mar-20Coronavirus: NZ Cruise Association ‘stunned’ by Government’s ‘draconian’ travel restrictionsNewshub
14-Mar-20Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has announced everyone entering New Zealand must self-isolateNewshub
14-Mar-20Recession inevitable’: Economic carnage predictedOtago Daily Times
14-Mar-20Coronavirus: Top economists warn new travel restrictions ‘will have significant impact on New Zealand’NZ Herald
13-Mar-20NZ film industry feeling effects of Covid-19 cancellationsNewsroom
13-Mar-20Travel ban: ‘two weeks ago I would have laughed at you’Stuff
12-Mar-20Covid-19 tourism package ‘not going to do a thing’Newsroom
11-Mar-20Businesses fear late and weak responseNewsroom
11-Mar-20Coronavirus uncertainty impacts local economyThe Informer
10-Mar-20The coronavirus economic shock is different – the solution will need to be different tooStuff
10-Mar-20What would a recession really mean for an ‘average’ New Zealander?Stuff
10-Mar-20Meat, forestry exports to China slump due to Coronavirus impactStuff
9-Mar-20Coronavirus fears may be hurting NZ’s jobs marketStuff
9-Mar-20The impact of the epidemic on the economy has arrived, and various industries are calling forSky Kiwi
6-Mar-20Four banks now forecasting NZ economy will go into reverseStuff
3-Mar-20Tourism New Zealand targets Australians with new winter campaignNewshub
3-Mar-20Economists look to Beehive for stimulus after bond rates hit record lowNZ Herald
3-Mar-20Employers push for direct support for businesses worst affected by coronavirusNZ Herald
28-Feb-20This is not just a flu’: ANZ tips OCR cut to combat coronavirus economic slowdownStuff
27-Feb-20First predictions of a recessionPolitik
27-Feb-20Coronavirus outbreak impacts south Auckland campusStuff
25-Feb-20Newshub 6pm News – Coronavirus outbreak: NZ share market drops as global indexes fallNewshub
24-Feb-20Coronavirus travel ban blocks hundreds of Waikato-bound studentsStuff
22-Feb-20Inside story: How China became NZ’s number one trading partnerNZ Herald
20-Feb-20Regional economies threatened by coronavirus disrupting Chinese exports, tourism – InfometricsNewshub
7-Feb-20How the novel coronavirus could impact our economyListener
2-Feb-20Coronavirus epidemic to shave $300 million off of New Zealand economyStuff
30-Jan-20Expert Q&A: Economist Brad Olsen on the impact of the novel coronavirusAsia Media Centre
28-Jan-20NewstalkZB Early Edition – Coronavirus and the economyNewstalk ZB
27-Jan-20NZ economy starting to feel early affects of coronavirus outbreakStuff