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Infometrics has also provided significant evidenced-based insights on the COVID-19 pandemic, and the responses to the pandemic, from an economic viewpoint. During times of uncertainty and crisis, it is important that the business community, and wider society, have access to easily understood and factual analysis.

Senior Economist Brad Olsen is leading Infometrics’ COVID-19 media communications, and is available for comment on +64 21 253 5646 or

As economists, we focus on examining the economic effects of policies, and provide advice based on current settings. In doing so, economists should and do stay clear of commenting too broadly on actual pandemic planning and actions, leaving that to health experts who are best placed to provide expert views. For the latest advice from the New Zealand Government, please go to

A range of media stories that Infometrics has provided comments for are listed below:

27-Apr-20Coronavirus: How Waikato business leaders plan to revive regional economy post-Covid-19 lockdownStuff
26-Apr-20Covid-19 coronavirus: Ngāi Tahu Tourism closures a sign of the times in RotoruaNZ Herald
26-Apr-20Back to 2019: Even big house price falls wouldn’t set some regions back farStuff
26-Apr-20Coronavirus: Budget 2020 may be time to look beyond Covid-19 ‘relief’ and towards recoveryStuff
24-Apr-20Primary sector helping Waitaki through crisisŌamaru Mail
24-Apr-20Education hit hard by border closuresOtago Daily Times
24-Apr-20Unemployment set to soar in Hawke’s Bay, but ‘resilient’ economy will help reboundNZ Herald
24-Apr-20Home deposit rules a ‘speedbump’ the economy doesn’t need right nowOneRoof
24-Apr-20Coronavirus: Rich migrants not solution to New Zealand’s Covid-19 problems, economists sayStuff
24-Apr-20Policies encourage the rich to immigrate to New Zealand … Is it good to revive the economy?Sky Kiwi
24-Apr-20Poll shows no one laid off at 92% of Waikato businessesNZ Herald
24-Apr-20Coronavirus: Record fall for credit card spending in March, Reserve Bank saysStuff
24-Apr-20Why New Zealand’s Coronavirus Elimination Strategy Is Unlikely to Work Most Other PlacesTIME
23-Apr-20Rich migrants not solution to New Zealand’s Covid-19 problems, economists sayStuff
23-Apr-20Building sector in for hard timeOtago Daily Times
23-Apr-20Should the government directly pay the people to stimulate consumption? The finance minister saidSky Kiwi
23-Apr-20Coronavirus: Cash payments to all Kiwis an option to boost economy – Grant RobertsonNewshub
23-Apr-20Coronavirus: ‘Helicopter money’ for everyone an option to boost economy – Grant RobertsonNewshub
23-Apr-20Universal cash handouts to all New Zealanders among options Government is consideringTVNZ
22-Apr-20Major industry’s future in Dunedin uncertainOtago Daily Times
22-Apr-20Mike Hosking Breakfast Show: Cash payouts to householdsNewstalk ZB
21-Apr-20Forestry families eager to ‘help get the country going again’Stuff
21-Apr-20Reserve Bank prepares to axe loan-to-value restrictions for home-buyersStuff
21-Apr-20Recovery likely to be slow, even with bold government initiativesWaikato Business News
21-Apr-20What happens if your house is worth less than your home loan?Stuff
21-Apr-20Will developing the rail network kick-start the economy?Radio NZ
20-Apr-20Covid 19 coronavirus: Jobs losses and years to recover – Rotorua hotels take big hitNZ Herald
20-Apr-20Covid 19 coronavirus: Construction industry welcomes level 3 announcementNZ Herald
20-Apr-20Economist: Covid-19 job losses a chance to co-ordinate skillsNewstalk ZB
20-Apr-20Economy thrown much-needed lifeline as Government plans drop to Alert Level 3TVNZ
20-Apr-20The good, bad, and ‘shovel ready’Newsroom
20-Apr-20Coronavirus: With flights grounded indefinitely, how will travel agencies survive Covid-19?Stuff
20-Apr-20Delivery services are expecting another surge in demand at level 3Stuff
19-Apr-20Coronavirus: Redundancy hammers mental and physical healthStuff
19-Apr-20The houses most at risk of price drops – and those that could rebuff a downturnOneRoof
19-Apr-20Coronavirus: Health experts feel censored over alternative lockdown planNewshub
18-Apr-20Coronavirus: Eateries have to adapt or risk going bust under level 3, experts sayStuff
17-Apr-20Early Business News for 17 April 2020Radio NZ
17-Apr-20Business News for 17 April 2020Radio NZ
17-Apr-20Infometrics forecasts economic recovery could take nearly 3 yearsNational Business Review
17-Apr-20Coronavirus: House prices tipped to plummet as potential buyers go brokeNewshub
17-Apr-20Unemployment to average above 9 per cent next year with house prices down 11 per cent – economist forecastsStuff
17-Apr-20Morning Briefing April 17: Life at Level 3 brings excitement, concern and cautionTVNZ
17-Apr-20Forecast on the post-pandemic economyContractor Magazine
17-Apr-20Level 4 to level 3 – What is the data telling us?Radio NZ
17-Apr-20Economist: Government’s generous relief pushes up debt and tax increase is inevitableSky Kiwi
16-Apr-20Rethinking HB business futureBay Buzz
16-Apr-20They lower their wages during the
16-Apr-20Coronavirus: Tax changes coming to pay for Covid-19 response: What will they look like?Stuff
14-Apr-20Too-short ‘failed lockdown’ would be worse outcome for economy in long run, bank warnsStuff
12-Apr-20Coronavirus: Splashing out, then slowing down – what the post-lockdown retail climate will be likeStuff
12-Apr-20Media beat the drum to roll back lockdown – and sound the alarmRadio NZ
11-Apr-20Covid 19 coronavirus: Sir Bill English warns that if markets shake off Covid-19, the public will respondNZ Herald
11-Apr-20Coronavirus: splash and then slow down. The retail climate following the post-lockout will be what it isOther
9-Apr-20Covid-19 coronavirus: Councils warned rates freezes could cripple economic recoveryNZ Herald
9-Apr-20Coronavirus: New Zealand has advantage in world trade slump, economist saysStuff
8-Apr-20Kāpiti’s economy ‘resilient’ but will still take a big hitNZ Herald
7-Apr-20New World stores will withdraw claims for wage subsidiesStuff
6-Apr-20Coronavirus: Here’s how bad Covid-19 has been for KiwiSaver so farStuff
6-Apr-20Nine to Noon – Post covid economic recoveryRadio NZ
6-Apr-20Coronavirus: Cash payments to citizens ‘can’t be ruled out’Stuff
6-Apr-20A young person’s guide to money in the days of COVID-19Re:
5-Apr-20Here are the factors that could influence the value of your home from hereStuff
5-Apr-20Housing: Where to from here?Property Noise
5-Apr-20Third of businesses fear permanent closure during Covid-19 crisisTVNZ
3-Apr-20Coronavirus: OECD expects big impact for NZ economyStuff
3-Apr-20Crisis tells us who the real workers areStuff
1-Apr-20Minimum wage increase expected to hit businesses hardNewstalk ZB
1-Apr-20Real estate agents expected to drop out of the industryNZ Advisor
1-Apr-20Businesses costs rise as the minimum wages goes upRadio NZ
30-Mar-20Economist: Covid-19 economic crisis could be as bad as Great DepressionNewstalk ZB
30-Mar-20Half of employed Kiwis are ‘sitting at home’ unable to work amid coronavirus lockdownTVNZ
30-Mar-201.2 million NZ workers thought to be ‘sitting idle’ at home during lockdownStuff
30-Mar-20Predictions real estate salespeople will exit market as turnover plummetsStuff
29-Mar-20The economy is on life support but it’s not dead, economist saysStuff
28-Mar-20Infometric’s Gareth Kiernan sees a massive hit to growth, then some sort of recovery and reasons for cautious
28-Mar-20Newshub Nation – COVID-19Newshub
27-Mar-20Is it time for a Universal Basic Income?Re:
27-Mar-20Economy poised to shut down to save livesArchitecture Now
27-Mar-20Pump it up: Hamilton City Council opens money valves for those hit by coronavirusStuff
27-Mar-20After the lockdown, what?Politik
26-Mar-20New Zealand Economy Facing Biggest Activity Drop Ever SeenBloomberg
23-Mar-20Economists: This will be bad but it could have been worseStuff
19-Mar-20NZ’s already tepid economic growth heading for a nose diveNZ Herald
19-Mar-20More economists warn tough times in housing market to comeStuff
19-Mar-20Over 16,000 Kiwis apply for coronavirus wage subsidy in first day of applicationsTVNZ
19-Mar-20NZ’s already tepid economic growth heading for a nose diveNZ Herald
18-Mar-20Govt subsidy ‘providing support for people who are already out of work’Stuff
17-Mar-20Coronavirus: Reserve Bank talks up how much banks should be able to lendNZ Herald
17-Mar-20ASB: Heat has evaporated from housing marketStuff
17-Mar-20New Zealand’s coronavirus stimulus leaves the working poor most exposedThe Guardian
16-Mar-20Coronavirus: Reserve Bank cuts OCR to record low 0.25 per centNZ Herald
16-Mar-20Coronavirus: tourism ‘wave of cancellations’ could trigger lay-offsStuff
16-Mar-20New Zealand may sink into deep recession, central bank urges banks to continue lendingChinese NZ Herald
16-Mar-20Coronavirus: Reserve Bank cuts OCR to record low 0.25 per centNZ Herald
16-Mar-20Reserve Bank governor gives word to cap official cash rate at 0.25 per cent for a yearStuff
15-Mar-20Coronavirus: We can enforce self-isolation, Jacinda Ardern saysNewstalk ZB
15-Mar-20Coronavirus: Financial impact could be worse than global financial crisis – economistNewstalk ZB
15-Mar-20Accommodation data ditched months ago to save costsNewsroom
15-Mar-20Economists warn new travel restrictions ‘will have significant impact’Newstalk ZB
15-Mar-20Experts: New travel ban will bring economic “massacre”Chinese NZ Herald
14-Mar-20Coronavirus: NZ Cruise Association ‘stunned’ by Government’s ‘draconian’ travel restrictionsNewshub
14-Mar-20Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has announced everyone entering New Zealand must self-isolateNewshub
14-Mar-20Recession inevitable’: Economic carnage predictedOtago Daily Times
14-Mar-20Coronavirus: Top economists warn new travel restrictions ‘will have significant impact on New Zealand’NZ Herald
13-Mar-20NZ film industry feeling effects of Covid-19 cancellationsNewsroom
13-Mar-20Travel ban: ‘two weeks ago I would have laughed at you’Stuff
12-Mar-20Covid-19 tourism package ‘not going to do a thing’Newsroom
11-Mar-20Businesses fear late and weak responseNewsroom
11-Mar-20Coronavirus uncertainty impacts local economyThe Informer
10-Mar-20The coronavirus economic shock is different – the solution will need to be different tooStuff
10-Mar-20What would a recession really mean for an ‘average’ New Zealander?Stuff
10-Mar-20Meat, forestry exports to China slump due to Coronavirus impactStuff
9-Mar-20Coronavirus fears may be hurting NZ’s jobs marketStuff
9-Mar-20The impact of the epidemic on the economy has arrived, and various industries are calling forSky Kiwi
6-Mar-20Four banks now forecasting NZ economy will go into reverseStuff
3-Mar-20Tourism New Zealand targets Australians with new winter campaignNewshub
3-Mar-20Economists look to Beehive for stimulus after bond rates hit record lowNZ Herald
3-Mar-20Employers push for direct support for businesses worst affected by coronavirusNZ Herald
28-Feb-20This is not just a flu’: ANZ tips OCR cut to combat coronavirus economic slowdownStuff
27-Feb-20First predictions of a recessionPolitik
27-Feb-20Coronavirus outbreak impacts south Auckland campusStuff
25-Feb-20Newshub 6pm News – Coronavirus outbreak: NZ share market drops as global indexes fallNewshub
24-Feb-20Coronavirus travel ban blocks hundreds of Waikato-bound studentsStuff
22-Feb-20Inside story: How China became NZ’s number one trading partnerNZ Herald
20-Feb-20Regional economies threatened by coronavirus disrupting Chinese exports, tourism – InfometricsNewshub
7-Feb-20How the novel coronavirus could impact our economyListener
2-Feb-20Coronavirus epidemic to shave $300 million off of New Zealand economyStuff
30-Jan-20Expert Q&A: Economist Brad Olsen on the impact of the novel coronavirusAsia Media Centre
28-Jan-20NewstalkZB Early Edition – Coronavirus and the economyNewstalk ZB
27-Jan-20NZ economy starting to feel early affects of coronavirus outbreakStuff