Profiles provide valuable information about our communities

Whether you’re personally interested in a particular area, want to identify community needs, have to develop a long-term strategic plan, or allocating financial resources to where they are needed most, robust knowledge of the demographic characteristics of a community can help you build a better picture of your district or region. Infometrics interactive web-based Community Profiles are the tool you need.

2016 Regional Economic Profile Update

Infometrics web-based annual Regional Economic Profiles have become the benchmark for gaining an in-depth understanding of the economic structure and performance of NZ’s regions and local authorities over time. With a wealth of information ranging from employment, GDP right through to tourism estimates, housing affordability and beneficiary numbers there is something for everyone.

Is your region getting its share of the export education pie?

With international education booming in New Zealand, each region should be trying to take full advantage of the economic benefits of the inflow of international students. Infometrics can help your region understand how you are performing relative to other regions and if you are indeed getting a fair share of the pie. We are able to prepare a short report which covers the key metrics on international education in your region or provide more in-depth analysis to meet your information needs.

Commuters and remote workers can contribute to economic revival of towns

Each morning the train station in the small Wairarapa townof Carterton is packed with commuters who do the long trek into Wellington.  Likeme, these people have each balanced up the pros of living far out of townagainst the costs.  The journey takes an hour and a half so the costs areclearly significant.  But we each weigh these costs against the benefits of themore pleasant climate, affordable housing and the opportunities of living on alifestyle block.

How unequal are our regions?

Over the past year we have heard much about regional inequality, with the term "Zombie town" popping up every few weeks in the media. The debate has contributed to the perception of growing, prospering cities and declining rural areas. This article compares New Zealand’s regional income inequality with that of other countries around the world.