A day in the life of an economist – Rob Heyes

Infometrics welcomes Rob Heyes as their newest senior economist. Rob joins Infometrics from MBIE, where he led research projects on migration trends and was the New Zealand representative to the OECD Migration Expert Group. Rob has a deep knowledge of labour markets and skills and works with our regional and sector clients.
We chat with Rob about what a day in the life of an economist looks like…

A day in the life of an economic software developer – Daniel Sun

This month we revisit our article series exploring what makes economists, and those who work in economics, tick.
Daniel Sun was born in China and grew up in Auckland and Christchurch. He has a lively interest in New Zealand and Global economics and current affairs.
We ask Daniel about how he came to work for Infometrics and what he sees in our technology driven future.

Where will your workforce be living in 2020?

At the 2014 Global Leadership Summit, a third of the executives, entrepreneurs and business academics gathered in London predicted that more than 50% their company’s full-time workforce would be working remotely by 2020. That’s only 3 years away.
Not only does Infometrics believe that this signals a significant change in the way New Zealand’s future workforce may potentially be structured, but we have embraced this trend wholeheartedly ourselves!

A day in the life of an economist – Kelvin Davidson

Having recently worked both in London and for Canterbury Development Corporation, Kelvin has extensive experience of property market analysis, both residential and commercial, and from an investment and development perspective. He has a thorough understanding of the issues and constraints faced by regional policy and decision makers.

A day in the life of an economist – Nigel Pinkerton

This month we continue our series of economist interviews with a chat to Nigel Pinkerton.  With a background in economics, Nigel now concentrates on developing technologically innovative ways of delivering our services to clients. Nigel is another of our staff who has chosen to live and work away from our main offices in Wellington, and when he is not developing our web-interfaces or building our data systems, he can be found in a pair of gumboots, farming his lifestyle block in Te Awamutu.

A day in the life of an economist – Andrew Whiteford

January is the time of new beginnings and this month we chat to Andrew Whiteford, Managing Director of Infometrics, about his new beginnings in New Zealand, having emigrated here from South Africa 16 years ago. January 2017 also marks the 10th anniversary of Andrew joining Infometrics. During that time he has overseen the development of Infometrics’ Regional Service. Andrew has always been focussed on developing new data sets and making complex data accessible to clients.

A day in the life of an economist – Benje Patterson

Senior economist, Benje Patterson takes a keen interest in economic forces that affect our regions. He heads our Regional Service and gives insights to councils and industry leaders on the major trends and outlook for each region. We chat with Benje in our regular feature “A day in the life of an Economist” and ask him about his interest in regional New Zealand and how he was bitten by the travel bug.

A day in the life of an economist – Shaun Twaddle

Infometrics Senior Economist Shaun Twaddle is actively involved with Got a Trade? and the industry training organisations that manage this campaign.  Shaun has worked extensively with tertiary education providers, industry training organisations, industry associations and bodies focussing on understanding the issues around workforce development, current and future workforce demands and the supply of skilled labour.

We chat with Shaun in our regular feature “A day in the life of an Economist” and ask him about his work and particular about the Got a Trade? campaign.