Homebuilding to reach an all-time record by 2018

New analysis by economic consultants Infometrics shows the supply response to the housing crisis is on its way, with homebuilding consents forecast to hit record levels by 2018. Infometrics Chief Forecaster Gareth Kiernan has predicted a 39% increase in the number of new dwelling consents over the two years to June 2018, taking consents to an all-time record high of 40,044pa.

Profiles provide valuable information about our communities

Whether you’re personally interested in a particular area, want to identify community needs, have to develop a long-term strategic plan, or allocating financial resources to where they are needed most, robust knowledge of the demographic characteristics of a community can help you build a better picture of your district or region. Infometrics interactive web-based Community Profiles are the tool you need.

2016 Regional Economic Profile Update

Infometrics web-based annual Regional Economic Profiles have become the benchmark for gaining an in-depth understanding of the economic structure and performance of NZ’s regions and local authorities over time. With a wealth of information ranging from employment, GDP right through to tourism estimates, housing affordability and beneficiary numbers there is something for everyone.

Launch of the new Infometrics website

The Infometrics team are excited to announce the launch of our newly designed website. We pride ourselves on being innovative and making information easily accessible.  It is therefore no surprise that innovation, ease of use and accessibility are key components of our new website.

The goal of our new website is to improve the user experience by making the website faster, easier to navigate and more user friendly. We want to give you an opportunity to know us better; who we are as a company and the members of our team.

New Infometrics Portal – customised for your individual needs

At Infometrics, we pride ourselves on being innovative and making information easily accessible. Our movement to web-based regional and sector products over the past couple of years is a prime example of this. The forthcoming redevelopment of our forecasting products will further help our clients access our information through an interactive and attractive interface. This … Read more New Infometrics Portal – customised for your individual needs