Celebrating local government success at the LGNZ awards

Excellence in local government was celebrated in an awards ceremony at the recent LGNZ annual conference. We take a moment to acknowledge some of Infometrics’ clients who have been recognised for their work in the fields of community and economic development, as well as highlight some of the economic and demographic monitoring services that are freely available to stakeholders in these communities.

Is your region getting its share of the export education pie?

With international education booming in New Zealand, each region should be trying to take full advantage of the economic benefits of the inflow of international students. Infometrics can help your region understand how you are performing relative to other regions and if you are indeed getting a fair share of the pie. We are able to prepare a short report which covers the key metrics on international education in your region or provide more in-depth analysis to meet your information needs.

Why is international education important to our regions?

International education is increasingly becoming a key contributor to New Zealand’s economy, especially as international student numbers are forecast to grow from 110,198 in 2014 to be north of 212,000 by 2025. But while the impact at a national level is resoundingly positive, the impacts at a regional level are much more varied. The cynic would say that the focus on international education is yet another contributor to increasing regional inequality and that Auckland is the only region really benefiting. But is this actually the case?