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Here is a list of our most frequently asked questions.  Have a question that we haven’t covered below? Contact us to let us know.

How do I subscribe to Infometrics’ products?

Economic forecasting, industry/sector, regional

Infometrics services provide economic information and forecasts that assist New Zealand businesses and other organisations in making their planning and strategic decisions. Most of our forecasting services, reports and database access are available on a subscription basis.  Check out our products and services page to find a product that suits you and then contact us to arrange a demonstration. Talk to one of our team


Our newsletter is free of charge and published monthly. To subscribe to our newsletter please use the sign-up form at the bottom of any page of this website.  Our current newsletter is available here.

How do I get an economic consulting report?

Economic consulting

Infometrics economists are experienced in providing customised reports and analysis across a wide range of economic subject matters.  Get in touch with one of our consultants to discuss your problem, and they will be able to talk you through options for solving it. View our range of consulting services

How do subscribers log in?

How do I log in?

To log-in to the Infometrics site, you can click on the member login button in the top right of the page. Enter the login details you were given, then press Enter. This should now bring you back to the front page. You should not have to enter these login details again, our site will automatically remember your username and password. If not, please ensure you have cookies enabled. If you encounter an error, please see below for a troubleshooting guide. If you still cannot login, please contact us. See our note below regarding logging in via a proxy server, as this will change the login process slightly.

If you cannot log in

If the site fails to log you in, please check the following things, before contacting us; – check that you have entered the password correctly – make sure you have cookies enabled in your browser, by following these instructions

What do I do if I’ve forgotten my login or password?

If you forget your password

If you happen to forget your login password to the site, or you are accidentally logged out, please enter your email address in the lower box after you entered the member login area.  Our system will then email you a new password.

If you are accessing the site via a proxy server

If you are accessing our site via a proxy server, and are also subscribed as a client, the login process changes slightly. You will need to browse to a hidden URL in order to set the login cookie on your machine for the first time. After you have visited this URL, you should not have to login again. To gain access to the proxy server method of accessing the site (whereby all employees at your organisation will be able to access the site without need for a username or password) please contact us.

How do I make sure I get the latest news from Infometrics?

How to add the Infometrics site to your favourites for easy access

If you are using Internet Explorer v6+ to browse the web, you can add our site to your favourites easily by pressing Ctrl-D. Please consult your documentation if you are using any other brand of browser.

When is the next forecast, industry, or regional report to be released?

Please see our events page, with details that can be exported to your calendar.


Our newsletter is free of charge and published monthly. To subscribe to our newsletter please use the sign-up form at the bottom of any page of this website.  Our latest newsletter is available here.

How to enable cookies?


Note: These instructions are intended for Internet Explorer v6+; if you are using a different browser, you may need to consult the documentation that comes with that browser. If you cannot login to the site, you may need to enable cookies explicitly for To do this, use the following steps:
  1. Choose the Tools menu, then click on ‘Internet Options’
  2. Click the Privacy tab, then ‘Edit’
  3. Type in ‘’ in the white space provided, then click ‘Allow’