Infometrics Infrastructure Pipeline Profile

Understanding New Zealands infrastructure developments.  
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Use Infometrics Infrastructure Pipeline Profile for:


Data at your fingertips

Our economists have done the legwork trawling through technical reports, meaning you don’t have to.


Detailed data

Drill down into our dynamic tables and graphs to get the infrastructure data relevant to you.


Long term planning

See the infrastructure projects planned in your area over the next 1-10 years to guide your strategic direction.


Stay informed

The Infrastructure Pipeline Profile is regularly updated as new data becomes available.



Understand New Zealand's infrastructure development

The Infrastructure Pipeline Profile describes and analyses all large-scale infrastructure projects and spending in New Zealand over the next ten years.  The profiles provide a rich source of information and data around the infrastructure sector, helping users understand where and what types of infrastructure is planned over the next decade. The profile focuses on work not captured in the residential or non-residential construction areas – roading, ports, airports, rail, electricity generation, electricity transmission, electricity distribution, irrigation, water supply, storm water, and sewerage.    

  Infrastructure outlook_composite3

Up-to-date information via a web-based platform

We’ve moved away from a hard-copy infrastructure report to a dynamic and interactive web-based profile.  The web-based Infrastructure Pipeline Profile is regularly updated by our economists as new key infrastructure information and data is made available. In addition to this, our dynamic charts and tables enable users to quickly analyse trends, change benchmarks, and gain details of major projects across regions and within infrastructure types. Users are also able to slice and dice the data themselves to drill down into areas of most relevance to them.    

A unique source of infrastructure information

The Infrastructure Pipeline Profile uses a “bottom-up” approach to understand what types of infrastructure spending are likely to take place, what major projects have been proposed or are being worked on, and where activity is likely to occur on a regional basis. The report also aims to provide a rich source of information and data around the infrastructure sector – something that has been lacking in New Zealand in the past.        

Infometrics Regional Infrastructure Survey  

Detailed regional information

In addition to private sector and central government infrastructure projects throughout New Zealand, the Infrastructure Pipeline Profile includes details of infrastructure spending by city and district councils by infrastructure type. This unparallelled level of geographical detail allows for robust understandings and comparisons between territorial authorities by historic, current, and future infrastructure spend.    


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