New Infometrics Portal

Hi, At Infometrics we are making some changes in the way we interact with you. Essentially we want to give you all the information you require in one centralised place. As a subscriber to one of our forecasting products you already have access to the member-only section of the Infometrics website ( The member-only section of our website provides you with access to all the information that make up your subscription – forecasts, news releases, data updates, and articles. If you have visited the member-only section of our website lately, you might have found the layout and general look not to be as good as it could or should be. Actually, the same could be said about our whole website. As economists we don’t like things to be sub-optimal. So we have done something about it. On Monday 14 December we will be launching a new version of the public Infometrics website and replacing the current member-only section of our website with a customised “Infometrics Portal”. The Infometrics Portal is designed to be customised to your needs and be a one-stop shop for all your information from us. You will access the Infometrics Portal in the same way as you have accessed the current member-only section of our website – by clicking on the link in the top right-hand corner of our website. As with any website transition, we hope that it will be seamless and you won’t notice a thing (other than the improved experience of course). However, if you have any issues accessing the new Infometrics Portal, please get in contact with one of the Infometrics team ( or (04) 473 0630) and we will address these for you. Finally, thank for subscribing to our services this year. We hope you have a good Christmas break and we look forward to providing you with more innovative economic information next year.   The team at Infometrics (04) 473 0630