Regional Construction Outlook

Understanding New Zealands infrastructure developments.  
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Use Infometrics Regional Construction Outlook for:


Data relevant to you

Detailed construction forecasts customised to your region of interest.


Detailed data

Interactive graphs and tables allow you to quickly drill down into the data.


Long term planning

Construction forecasts in your area over 1-5 years to assist with planning.


Up to date views

Updated quarterly, detailed forecasts reflect current views.


Construction forecasts for your area

The Regional Construction Outlook is a vital planning tool for those in the industry.  It draws on our well regarded national building forecasts to estimate construction activity at a detailed regional level. 

The web based profile helps you understand current and future construction trends in your area(s). It provides a level of detail and customisability not available elsewhere, while its ease of use makes for accurate and efficient analysis.

What's included?

The Regional Construction Outlook provides a range of in-depth regional, territorial authority and Auckland ward level historic and forecast construction data.  As part of your annual subscription, you get by area:

  • Forecast residential consent and work out in place data by subtype (eg, apartments and townhouses)
  • Non-residential consent and work out in place forecasts by subtype (ranging from farms to hospitals)
  • Four forecast updates per year to ensure you get the latest information
  • Forward looking commentary focusing on key regions
  • Tailorable regions and reporting periods.

Construction data with a regional focus

The Regional Construction Outlook draws on our well regarded national Building forecasts to estimate construction activity at a very low area level. 

Our web-based interactivity enables you to easily dig-deeper into the data to find information relevant to you.

Additional contextual construction activity data such as ready-mix concrete and new section forecasts can also be made available.

We bring data to life

You don’t need to be a data scientist to use our products.

Our data visualisations turn complex data about the construction sector into useable information. We know that important business and strategic decisions require a deep knowledge of the industry. The Regional Construction Outlook is therefore simple to use without compromising on detail.


We put you in the driver’s seat

We understand that everyone has different information needs. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, our tools are designed so that forecasts can be viewed in a number of ways. 

The Regional Construction Outlook lets you determine what you see for your area(s) of interest.

Are you ready to take your understanding of regional construction to the next level?

Contact us now to subscribe to the Regional Construction Outlook or message us for more information . . .

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