Regional Economic Profile – 2016

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How has your region performed compared to other regions in New Zealand?
Infometrics Regional Economic Profile can give you access to the employment growth in you region compared to other regions and the national total over the same period.  

Our updated profile with the latest 2015 data will be released on 01 February 2016.

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"Using Infometrics data has been extremely useful for Enterprise North Canterbury in both attracting new business to the region and helping current businesses in strategic planning".

– Miles Dalton, Business Development Manager, Enterprise North Canterbury

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"Infometrics products have always been relevant, user friendly and added significant value to our own research efforts."

– Amanda Hema, GM Community, South Waikato District Council

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Used by local government and other organisations throughout NZ

Infometrics Regional Economic Profile provides an in-depth description of your region or district’s economic structure and performance over the past year and previous years. They are available in web-based format with a dynamic and interactive interface or in hard copy format.

Monitor your economic development strategy

Your economic development strategy is likely to contain key performance indicators against which you will measure the future performance of your region’s economy.  You may have identified certain industries as key to your region’s future. The Regional Economic Profile will help you monitor your key industries and the overall progress of your economy against your key performance indicators.

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Get a deeper understanding of your economy

Benchmark yourself against other regions

  • GDP
  • Employment and Unemployment
  • Productivity
  • Exports
  • Population
  • Businesses
  • Standard of living
  • Workforce and skills
  • Tourism

Identify your strengths and weaknesses

The ranking infographic included in the Regional Economic Profile shows in which indicators your region ranks highly and in which it ranks poorly.  This enables you to immediately identify in which areas of the economy your region is performing well and where it is performing poorly.

Infometrics web-based annual Regional Economic Profiles have become the benchmark for gaining an in-depth understanding of the economic structure of your region’s economy, how well it is performing relative to all other regional economies, business growth, which industries are contributing to growth and how this impacts on standard of living..  Plus a wealth of information ranging from employment, GDP right through to tourism estimates, earnings, housing affordability and beneficiary numbers there is something for everyone.

Your region may appear to be performing well according to certain indicators in terms of growth rates but the real test is how well it is performing compared to other regions. The Regional Economic Profile enables you to compare your region’s performance in all indicators against all other regions and territorial authorities in New Zealand.



Geographical and industry detail

Many official regional economic indicators are only available at regional council level.  This is frustrating for territorial authorities who know that the regional picture disguises the differences among districts within the region.  At Infometrics we collect all our data at territorial authority level and then aggregate them up to regional council level. The Regional Economic Profile is available for every territorial authority and region in New Zealand.

Industry and TA specific

Our clients tell us that having access to detailed industry data is important for understanding about structure and performance of their economies. Data is available to the 500 industry level in the Regional Economic Profile.

Free up your staff's time

Do away with the time consuming tasks of data collection and analysis. Infometrics Regional Economic Profile puts the key indicators at your team’s finger tips in a user friendly and visually attractive framework. Access to the data frees up their time to concentrate on the more strategic issues.

The Regional Economic Profile is a huge database of economic indicators and it has been our challenge to present this data to the user in an accessible and user-friendly manner. We have achieved this through the use of interactive tables and charts, infographics and download functions. Our clients frequently tell us how easy the product is to use.

If you choose to subscribe to the online version it is particulary easy to use. The charts and tables are dynamic and interactive enabling the user to compare the characteristics of each area unit with other jurisdictions.  Each indicator can be viewed graphically and the underlying data downloaded into Excel.


Screen shot_general2

Share information about your region publically

Many of our local government clients make the profiles available to their communities via their website. This allows direct public access to regional economic data and creates open dialog and participation.

Staff and members of the public are able to . . .


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You choose: online access or hardcopy report

The Regional Economic Profile is available in various packages to suit all budgets. Choose from the Basic profile (with all the fundamental indicators), with various optional add-on Modules and Toolkits that will allow you to get the answers you really care about.

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