Regional Economic Forecasts

A forecasting model for every territorial authority in New Zealand

Infometrics’ regional forecasting framework provides a five-year outlook of employment and GDP by 54 industries for each territorial authority and region in New Zealand. These are ‘business as usual forecasts’ and provide an insight into how your region is likely to perform given Infometrics’ view of how the New Zealand and international economy will unfold over the next few years.  These forecasts can assist you in your strategic planning for your area. 

Available in web-based format

Our regional forecasts are available as add-ons to our web-based Regional Economic Profile. This online resource is interactive and dynamic and allows you to compare your region with other regions in New Zealand..

Customised to your requirements

The forecasts can be customised to meet the specific requirements of your organisation. This might include the monitoring and forecasting of specific industries or territorial authorities or the production of customised reports.


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