Regional Economic Toolkit

Customise how you investigate your region

Infometrics allows you to customise how you investigate your region or district’s economy.  The Toolkit is an optional add-on to the online Regional Economic Profile and includes a range of tools to provide an in-depth understanding of your local economy.  These tools give your staff the means to perform deeper analysis of your local economy.

A range of tools

The Toolkit contains options that allow you to monitor the performance of key sectors you define, gauge your region or district’s performance relative to others, or quantify the economic impact of an event in your local economy.

Calculate the economic impact of events

The Events Calculator enables you to estimate the economic impact of events such as sports events, festivals, and concerts on your local economy.  It can assist councils and concert organisers in making better decisions around the funding of events.

Define industries of strategic importance

The Key Industries tool in the Toolkit enables you to define any number of key industries using a flexible definition. It allows you to monitor industries that are of strategic importance to your region.

Benchmarking against other regions

The League Tables and Regional Comparator Maps show how well your region or district is doing relative to all other areas in New Zealand according to a wide range of economic indicators.

Get access to the Toolkit

Infometrics can quickly set up access to the Toolkit or Regional Economic Profile for your organisation.  Get in touch with Andrew Whiteford to arrange a demonstration.

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