South Island council gains regional insights

We enjoy getting feedback from our clients – their input informs our product development and how we deliver our products and services. Infometrics posed some questions to the Economic Development Manager at a prominent South Island Council – here are his answers.

  Infometrics: What did you find as a result of buying Infometrics’ web-based profiles? Answer: “That we had a lot of detailed industry information at our fingertips. The Infographics are also great for information requests.” Q:What was your concern about buying this product? A: “The cost was a concern, as was being able to successfully use the information internally and externally as we have never had such a tool to use before. The cost is justifiable by the variety of things that we can do ourselves rather than requiring to purchase a separate report. The addition of the events impact calculator is a good example of this as we are using it to help assess bids for our events funding.” Q:What specific feature do you like most about this product? A: “The toolkit/key industries tool enables you to create your own custom industry which is very useful.” Q: How have Infometrics’ seminars and workshops helped your council? A: “The seminars have given us access to an Infometrics economist and a Marlborough specific presentation which is invaluable.” Q: Would you recommend seminars and workshops from Infometrics? If so, to who and why? A: “I would recommend workshops for audiences in regional NZ who find it hard to get reliable, accurate and up to date info on their region.” Q: Is there anything you’d like to add regarding web-based profiles or seminars? A: “An app would be nice!”      

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