Does your team require specialist economic and New Zealand industry or sector knowledge?  Infometrics has developed web-based reporting tools that provide a comprehensive source of data about your industry or sector.  Our economists work closely with government, local authorities, tertiary education organisations, and industry associations to ensure they have the robust information needed to create better policies and business decisions.

Infometrics understands your information needs. We are experts in NZ economic modelling and analysis. We understand that collecting and analysing the data required to really understand the complexities of your sector can be time consuming and sometimes unreliable, leaving you with little time to focus on what you are good at.

The Infometrics Sector Profiles provide you with the tools and data to understand what’s really going on in your sector. The profiles are web-based and updated annually. We use a dynamic and interactive interface that enables users to drill down into our comprehensive databases. This puts a wealth of information on NZ employment trends, occupations, demographics, GDP, business trends and forecasts at your fingertips and enables you to better understand your workforce’s characteristics and those of your wider sector.

Infometrics Sector Profiles have been described as ‘Pure Gold’ by clients. Our web-based Sector Profiles put authoritative, up-to-date data about your industry at your fingertips.



Infometrics offers a range of industry and sector based information to meet clients diverse needs. These include our popular Sector Profiles, which provide the most comprehensive repository of employment, business, and economic data and forecasts for every sector and industry in New Zealand. We also provide industry/sector forecasts, demographic profiles and develop future regional skills profiles at a industry or sectoral level.

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Infometrics Economic & Labour Market Research

Features & benefits

Infometrics Sector Profiles take the presentation of New Zealand industry economic and employment data to a new level using an interactive web-based interface.  We are leaders in the generation of New Zealand industry and regional economic information.

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How do I use it?

Our Sector Profiles are ideal for better understand your workforce, workforce planning, developing national and regional sector specific strategies and helping to identify current and future skill needs.

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Who is it for?

Our web-based economic visualisation and analysis system is ideally suited to providing a solid evidence base to tertiary education organisations, local authorities and industry associations.

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Customer reviews

See what our clients have to say about Infometrics Sector profiles and other New Zealand industry economic services.

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