Events can be a great way to stimulate a local area – bringing a cash injection from out of town visitors and raising the profile of an area. Infometrics offers an event impact calculator to our regional clients, empowering them to calculate impacts for themselves.


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Released: Tuesday 11 June 2019

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How has your region

Our 2018 Regional Economic Profiles for Regions, Districts, Local Boards available now

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What does the
workforce in
your sector
look like?

How many people are employed?

What is their demographic makeup?

How many extra people are going to be
needed in the future?

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Infometrics is an economics consultancy based in Wellington, New Zealand. We specialise in the rigorous analysis and innovative presentation of economic information. We help organisations make outstanding planning, policy and strategic decisions.

We measure the past, understand the current and forecast the future.

Our web-based data tools make complex economic information accessible to a wide audience. Data is brought to life with intuitive interfaces and engaging infographics.

Infometrics specialises in regional economics, the tertiary education sector, construction industry and the transport sector.

Our team of highly qualified and experienced economists also provide bespoke consulting services.

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