Many organisations are under increasing pressure to deliver superior results while spending less money.  We can offer you better access to information that you don’t have to source yourself, giving your staff the opportunity to concentrate on analysis. We understand that each region of New Zealand is different and facing unique challenges.  And within regions each Territorial Authority has its own unique economic character.

Infometrics have invested considerable resources into developing a robust time series of GDP, employment and other relevant indicators for each territorial authority and region in New Zealand.  Our suite of regional NZ economic products and services, which leverage off this data, can help your organisation make better informed decisions.

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What we offer

Infometrics has the most comprehensive repository of economic data for every territorial authority and region in New Zealand. We deliver this data through a series of web-based products which are dynamic and interactive. There are also a number of economic tools behind the scenes that can give your staff deeper insights and answer ‘what if’ questions about your region.

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Features & benefits

Infometrics web-based economic products take the presentation of regional economic data to a new level in New Zealand. From in-depth descriptions of your region or district’s economic structure to finger-on-the-pulse monitoring and analysis of local data each quarter, we have it covered.

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How do I use it?

Infometrics profiles allow you to answer questions with confidence about your local economy.  For example, considerable detail can quickly be gleaned on:

  • GDP and employment growth
  • How diverse is the economy relative to others?
  • In which industries does your district/region have competitive advantage?
  • How many businesses were created?
  • What does tourism contribute to your economy and how has it grown?
  • How fast has the population in your area grown?

Your economic development strategy or long term plan is likely to contain key performance indicators against which you will measure the future performance of your region’s economy.  Our services will help you monitor the progress of your economy against these indicators.

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Infometrics bespoke consulting projects

Who is it for?

Infometrics Regional Service is used extensively by district and regional councils, economic development agencies, government departments, and corporates. Our innovative web-based regional profiles and quarterly monitor have become the benchmark for understanding regional economies in New Zealand.

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