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Guiding people and organisations with economics

Infometrics economists use economic data and analysis to help solve problems for a diverse range of people and organisations – from graduate analysts at small councils to CEOs of large corporates. Our services can also effectively assist you in engaging with boards or other stakeholders. Our team have worked with almost every sector imaginable in the NZ economy, including projects for large businesses, SMEs, local authorities, central government, training organisations and industry associations. Read on for how we’ve helped people like you and take a look at our products and services page to see how we can meet your needs. View our range of products and services

Economists and analysts

infometrics-senior-economist-icon Infometrics economists understand the need for robust data for your industry and geographical area, and the frustration of having team members working off inconsistent data sets. We enhance how you do your job by taking the leg work out of data collection and formulating base-line understandings so that you can focus more time providing strategic advice and analysis. Our data, reports, infographics and articles are web-based – convenient and accessible.

CEOs and Senior Management

infometrics-ceo-icon Not having the right data is frustrating – often just regional and industry data is not granular enough for decision making purposes. We make sure your team has all the right data to help you make evidence-based decisions. New products and innovative ways to look at economic data free up your staff’s time for focusing on issues they are good at. Our presentations can also help you understand how the latest economic drivers and sector trends are affecting your organisation. Contextualise your industry/sector/region within the broader economic context – our visually appealing charts, graphs and infographics tell the economic story quickly and capture an audience’s attention.

Boards and stakeholders

infometrics-board-of-directors-icon Set the agenda for your next meeting or workshop with frank seminars and engaging debate. Our presentation and visualisation of data means that it’s easy to share with stakeholders. Infographics bring the data to life for people not trained in economics. We are independent and not protecting any interest group or sector – what you see is what you get.

Councils and government agencies

infometrics-council-icon Infometrics ensures that economic and labour market data is available to territorial authority level and below –  you can see the individual story of each township and district in New Zealand. We develop tools and products to help our clients mine data and inform their strategic planning processes. You no longer have to rely on multiple sources of data. We bring together a large variety of datasets and proprietary modelling into a single internally consistent framework.

Corporates and SMEs

infometrics-corporates-icon The macroeconomic context shapes the risks and opportunities afforded to businesses in New Zealand. Infometrics economists understand the regional and sectoral spread of economic activity to help you make informed business decisions. We work as part of your team – providing an independent viewpoint about the New Zealand economic outlook. We get to the point with easy access to credible economic information that gives you a competitive advantage.

Training organisations and industry associations

infometrics-smes-icon Use our products for planning and workforce development, to inform members or support advocacy and lobbying. We have a unique method of defining sectors that takes into account both industry and occupational classifications. Your sector can also be dissected into customised regions in a manner unlike anything else available on the market. Web access means that everyone in your team has access to the same detailed information of your sector’s workforce and contribution to the economy. This information can be easily disseminated in meetings, presentations and board meetings.