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Infometrics economists help decision makers and analysts understand the economic environment facing their organisation, sector, or region.

We don’t pretend to know the future, but we can help to shed light on the balance of economic opportunities and risks in the New Zealand economy and beyond.  A clear understanding of your external environment can help you make better business decisions.

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Many organisations are under increasing pressure to deliver superior results while spending less money.  We can offer you better access to information that you don’t have to source yourself, giving your staff the opportunity to concentrate on analysis. We understand that each region of New Zealand is different and facing unique challenges.  And within regions each Territorial Authority has its own unique economic character.

Infometrics have invested considerable resources into developing a robust time series of GDP, employment and other relevant indicators for each territorial authority and region in New Zealand.  Our suite of regional NZ economic products and services, which leverage off this data, can help your organisation make better informed decisions.

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Does your team require specialist economic and New Zealand industry or sector knowledge? Infometrics has developed web-based reporting tools that provide a comprehensive source of data about your industry or sector. Our economists work closely with government, local authorities, tertiary education organisations, and industry associations to ensure they have the robust information needed to create better policies and business decisions.

Infometrics understands your information needs. We are experts in NZ economic modelling and analysis. We understand that collecting and analysing the data required to really understand the complexities of your sector can be time consuming and sometimes unreliable, leaving you with little time to focus on what you are good at.

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Māori Economic Insights

Not having the right data is frustrating. 

We’re here to help. Infometrics has developed a range on insights into the Māori economy with a focus on employment, the wider labour market, and skilled jobs. Our insights are available at a regional and territorial authority level. We make sure your team has all the right data to help you make evidence-based decisions and that everyone in your team has access to the same detailed information of your region or sector’s workforce and contribution to the economy.

We develop tools and products to help you use data to inform your strategic planning processes, and help you present it in a way that is easily disseminated in planning meetings, presentations and board meetings. Use our products for planning and workforce development, to inform members or support advocacy and lobbying.

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Export Trade

Infometrics can assist a variety of organisations to identify new export markets. Our new product, Export Market Finder, is a tool for identifying realistic export opportunities for New Zealand products. It helps organisations grow their exports by focussing on which countries offer the most untapped potential and works at a fine level of product detail.

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Infometrics Consulting Service offers you customised economic consulting to meet your specific requirements.  Our analysis can help you better understand how the wider economy affects your organisation or, perhaps, how your organisation affects the wider economy. Our analysis can ensure that there is a better information base underpinning important strategic decisions for your organisation.

We are entirely independent and can offer a range of economic modelling and consulting services, including: the preparation of customised forecasts, the development of forecast models specific to organisation requirements, the provision of information and research to support strategic and policy analysis decisions, cost benefit analysis, economic impact analysis and risk analysis.

Our economists value client input, we listen to you and appreciate the opportunity to engage with the challenges you face and tackle the most difficult issues with confidence and clarity.

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