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Kia ora, these are the terms of use of you as a private individual to use any Infometrics website, including a limited licence for how our content may be reused. If you have a subscriber account, then your use is governed by the Subscriber Terms of Use.

Let's start at the very beginning
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Infometrics might not always be perfect
  • Infometrics data and commentary are provided on an "as is" and "as available" basis, and you use it at your sole risk.
  • Infometrics provides data and commentary in good faith, but despite our best efforts the accuracy, relevancy and correctness of these are subject to variation, not least due to variations in data from third party sources. Forecast data may vary from actual results.
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We use data from third parties
We retain ownership of our intellectual property
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How you can use our content
  • For articles and commentary:
    • You may publish quoted excerpts of text, provided that the author and Infometrics are clearly attributed.
    • You may print full articles and commentary for private use.
    • You may not republish entire articles and commentary without explicit prior permission from Infometrics.
  • You may download and reuse or publish charts, infographics, reports, and the data behind tables and charts provided the following conditions are satisfied:
    • You must include a clearly located attribution to Infometrics as the source.
    • The Infometrics logo, if present, must not be removed.
    • Multiple data series may not be combined together and published in a new database or dashboard without explicit prior permission from Infometrics.
  • You may not download any Infometrics videos; they may only be viewed through the Infometrics website or our third party video hosting site.
We may change our website and our terms
  • We may make changes to our websites - to add, modify or remove features or data - without notice.
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This is a legal agreement
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