Māori Economic Insights

Not having the right data is frustrating. 

We’re here to help. Infometrics has developed a range on insights into the Māori economy with a focus on employment, the wider labour market, and skilled jobs. Our insights are available at a regional and territorial authority level. We make sure your team has all the right data to help you make evidence-based decisions and that everyone in your team has access to the same detailed information of your region or sector’s workforce and contribution to the economy.

We develop tools and products to help you use data to inform your strategic planning processes, and help you present it in a way that is easily disseminated in planning meetings, presentations and board meetings. Use our products for planning and workforce development, to inform members or support advocacy and lobbying.

This web-page is intended to bring together our Māori focused resources, for you to look through. 

Please contact us if you need more information. You will speak directly to one of our economists, who are there to help and empower you.

Infometrics Webinars – recorded during the COVID-19 Level 3 and 4 Lockdown

During New Zealand’s Level 4 and Level 3 lockdown, Infometrics economists got together to present a series of Webinars for clients and other organisations. We covered a range of topics, including two webinars specifically focused on economic factors affecting the Māori community.

Tuesday, 05 May 2020 (Māori Economic Insights)

Wednesday, 08 April 2020 (Māori  Focus)

In this Webinar, Infometrics Senior Economists Brad Olsen and Rob Heyes review how Infometrics sees the economy performing post-COVID-19, and focus on how different groups including Māori will be affected by the economic downturn. There is question time at the end.

Impact of COVID-19 on regional economies, and advice for Māori decision makers

Infometrics has a range of economic products and services that can help you understand the Māori economic situation in New Zealand. Our economists are available to walk you through the options. Our aim is to put economics simply.

Te Matapae
We strive to understand the position of Māori in the economy and future opportunities available to Māori, for all parts of New Zealand. Our Te Matapae platform examines the labour market and employment opportunities available to Māori, and provides insights for all territorial authorities and regions in New Zealand. This means that data about the future labour market opportunities for Māori can be tailored to your customised regions or rohe.

Regional Profiles
Infometrics’ online Regional Economic Profile provides an in-depth description of your region or district’s economic structure and performance over the past year and previous years. It takes the presentation of regional economic data to a new level in New Zealand, combining a comprehensive, robust set of economic data with a dynamic and interactive web-based interface. The Toolkit is also available behind the scenes for in-depth analysis.

Sector Profiles
Our Sector Profiles provide you with a wealth of latest information on your industry or sector via our interactive and easy to use web-platform. The profiles are perfect for industry associations, local authorities, large businesses and tertiary education organisations. You and your staff can focus on analysis instead of collecting data from several places, the majority of which are likely to measure different things over different time periods.