NZ economic forecasting

Infometrics economists help decision makers and analysts understand the economic environment facing their organisation, sector, or region.

We don’t pretend to know the future, but we can help to shed light on the balance of economic opportunities and risks in the New Zealand economy and beyond.  A clear understanding of your external environment can help you make better business decisions.

With over 30 years experience in forecasting the outlook for the general economy, building and property, and transport sectors, Infometrics has expanded over recent years to include detailed industry and regional economic and labour market forecasts.  We also publish periodic reports, such as our annual Infrastructure Survey, which contains a wealth of detailed information on the outlook for infrastructure work nationally and in our regions.

Our NZ economic forecasting reports are presented in straightforward language that is easy to understand.  Our economists are also on hand to guide you through the issues relevant to your industry and can provide you with tailored advice should you require more detailed analysis.


Infometrics offers a range of economic forecasting services that provides insights into future NZ economic and business trends. These are presented in straightforward language that is easy to understand. Access to our detailed NZ economic and industry information can give an organisation a competitive advantage when assessing opportunities, risks and challenges.

Our forecasts are detailed and extensive. We understand the NZ economy and have a proven track record in forecasting, specialising in data analysis, modelling, and econometrics. Infometrics offers comprehensive subscriptions to our Building & Property, and Transport forecasting services,and an Infrastructure Pipeline Profile.

Visit our industry/sector or products and services pages if you require more customised forecasts that have been individually tailored to your specific industry or geographical area.

Features & benefits

Subscribers to our Building & Property, and Transport forecasting service receive updated forecast reports in our user friendly web-based format. These NZ economic forecasting reports contain a balance between commentary decomposing our central view and risks around it, as well as charts and tables.

In addition to our regular forecasts, we provide same day notification and explanation of key data releases relevant to each industry, all of which is available on our client website. We also shed light on the current economic backdrop via weekly commentaries and periodic subscriber articles.

Subscribers who want forecasts for other sectors or want to receive regional NZ economic forecasts can elect to receive this information via our regional and sectoral reporting framework.

Subscribers are encouraged to call our economists if they need a sounding board – small chats over the phone are covered as part of your annual subscription. If your team needs a more detailed look at an issue, we can prepare tailored reports or consulting projects to meet your specifications.

How do I use it?

Most of our NZ economic forecasting services are available on a subscription basis.

Infometrics provides subscribers with internet-based analysis and commentary on economic data and issues.  Reports and charts can be read online or downloaded for further analysis.  Clients are emailed weekly hot-links to new material posted to the web site.

We also present our research in a variety of other formats depending on our clients’ needs, including pdf reports and research papers, customised web-based tools and profiles of your region or sector, online databanks, meetings, and customised research.

Who is it for?

Our NZ economic forecasting services are used across a variety of sectors by a wide range of organisation types, from SMEs and large corporates to government departments and other public sector agencies. The macroeconomic context shapes the risks and opportunities afforded to businesses in New Zealand.  We take the leg work out of formulating base-line understandings of the NZ economy so that analysts in your organisation can focus more time providing management with strategic advice and analysis on issues that matter. We can also help set the agenda for your next meeting or workshop with frank economic seminars and engaging debate. Infometrics provides an independent viewpoint on the NZ economy. We get to the point, providing easy access to credible economic information that gives you a competitive advantage.

Customer reviews
Gough Group logo
Gough Group

“The Gough Group has been working with Gareth Kiernan and the Infometrics team for more than 6 years now. The analysis provided, and the easy translation of complex sets of data into understandable and relevant information, has been a crucial factor in the development of the strategic planning processes within the Group, and aiding our growth. The independent and unbiased analysis of a range of markets and indicators has been especially useful when combined with tailored Infometrics one-on-one and Group presentations.

Our senior management teams find these presentations, and the on-line data sets and analysis, a great aid in forming a view of future markets. We would have no hesitation recommending the team at Infometrics to anyone looking for a concise and insightful view of the macro and micro economic environment.”

– Group Manager Project Planning and Optimisation

BCITO logo
BCITO - Building and Construction Industry Training Organisation

“Infometrics do an awesome job for the BCITO, and they are a very important part of our business. We have worked with them for many years and built a strong working relationship with the Infometrics team. Their knowledge, expertise and the way they make data so easily accessible are key reasons why their service works for BCITO.

The Infometrics team have comprehensive knowledge of the construction sector and their building forecasts help us understand the environment in which we operate. Their collaborative approach results in an excellent understanding of construction sector drivers, and provide us with a solid basis for future planning.

One of the things we really love about Infometrics is the informative and topical way information is presented. They take the time to ensure key messages make sense to our wider readership. In addition to written / web material, we incorporate Informetrics into industry and BCITO presentations. These opportunities to interact with the Infometrics team are highly valued with our people taking the opportunity to tap into their considerable economic knowledge.

The Infometrics Sector Profiles are vital for our business and make our lives so much easier. They bring together a vast array of information for each of the 15 construction sectors that we operate in. The Profile Tool is easy to use and we wish they had been developed years ago.”

– Greg Durkin, Group Manager Stakeholder Engagement, BCITO