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Infrastructure Pipeline Profile
What is the Infrastructure Pipeline Profile?

The Infrastructure Pipeline Profile (IPP) describes and analyses all large-scale infrastructure projects and spending across New Zealand’s regions over the next ten years. The analysis includes details on the type of planned infrastructure spending, the timing and value of major projects, and a regional element of infrastructure spending. Infometrics draws on a wide range of data to determine planned infrastructure spending from central government departments, city and district councils, and private sector companies. The profile captures non-building construction of:

  • roading, rail, and other land transport
  • ports and airports
  • electricity generation, electricity transmission, and electricity distribution
  • irrigation
  • local council spending on the three waters (water supply, storm water, and sewerage).

The IPP is presented in an easy-to-use web-based interactive dashboard, which is updated when new key infrastructure information and data is made available. Our web-based delivery means your whole team can work from the same data source and the information can be easily shared company wide. You can also download all the charts, and the data to manipulate in software packages such as Excel.

How can the Infrastructure Pipeline Profile be used?

The Infrastructure Pipeline Profile is an invaluable resource for decision-makers and analysts who need to know the outlook for infrastructure construction across New Zealand’s regions. This includes construction companies, suppliers of building materials, local councils and providers of construction related training and education.

How can I access the Infrastructure Pipeline Profile?

The Infrastructure Pipeline Profile is a subscription product available to subscribers of our building forecasts and can be accessed via our online portal. Contact Joel Glynn, one of our economists, by clicking on the link below or calling us on (04) 909 7612 for a demonstration and an annual subscription price. We will set up a user agreement, and quickly provide you with login access to the Infrastructure Pipeline Profile. There is no limit to the number of people who can get login access to the Infrastructure Pipeline Profile from within your organisation.

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