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COVID-19: Economic Insights and Response

Infometrics is providing specialist insight to businesses and local government leadership to best evaluate the local impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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Forecasting Seminars

Infometrics economists deliver insightful presentations on the macroeconomy and can spotlight specific industries. We also have specific expertise looking at the building & property and transport sectors. We examine the opportunities and risks facing your industry and stimulate robust discussion.

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Regional Seminars

Presentations are perfect for setting the scene at planning days or committee meetings and for engaging stakeholders.

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Industry/Sector Seminars

Infometrics economic presentations put the spotlight on specific industries; like the construction industry and transport industry, among others. Let us set the scene at your next event or planning workshop.

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Macroeconomic Seminars

Infometrics economists deliver presentations in plain English that cut to the chase and help you understand the macroeconomic environment for your industry or area.

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A customised economic workshop with Infometrics can help your team understand how the changing economic environment is affecting your organisation’s outlook.

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