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Infometrics Consulting Service offers you customised economic consulting to meet your specific requirements.  Our analysis can help you better understand how the wider economy affects your organisation or, perhaps, how your organisation affects the wider economy. Our analysis can ensure that there is a better information base underpinning important strategic decisions for your organisation.

We are entirely independent and can offer a range of economic modelling and consulting services, including: the preparation of customised forecasts, the development of forecast models specific to organisation requirements, the provision of information and research to support strategic and policy analysis decisions, cost benefit analysis, economic impact analysis and risk analysis.

Our economists value client input, we listen to you and appreciate the opportunity to engage with the challenges you face and tackle the most difficult issues with confidence and clarity.

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Features & benefits

Infometrics’ economic consulting analysis is innovative, rigorous and robust with strong theoretical and empirical foundations. The analysis also reflects the realities of applied policy and decision making.  Our reports are presented in straightforward language that is easy to understand and our economists are on hand to guide you through the issues.

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Who is it for?

Infometrics’ economic consultancy services are used across a variety of sectors by a wide range of organisation types, from SMEs and large corporates, to government departments and other public sector agencies.  Industry associations and other representative groupings also use our services to help set agendas and provide independent analysis of challenges that are affecting their members.

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