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When planning for the future, it’s a good idea to talk to economists who understand the economic context of your business or organisation. Give Infometrics a call – you’ll speak to an economist who has a wide range of skills and research interests, and a detailed understanding of the economic issues at work in New Zealand.

Regional & Industry

Andrew Whiteford
Managing Director
021 212 3864

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Gareth Kiernan
Chief Forecaster
021 119 3876

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Adolf Stroombergen
Chief Economist
021 990 066

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Board of Directors

Dr Amanda Lynn


Board of Directors

Chris Whelan
Independent Director

Brad Olsen
Senior Economist
021 253 5646

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David Friggens
Technical Lead
04 909 7612

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Rob Heyes
Senior Economist
021 147 9662

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Nick Brunsdon
Senior Economist
027 322 1686

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Alistair Schorn
Senior Economist
027 527 7133

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Paul Barkle
04 909 7612

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Andrew Beattie

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Carl Hodder
Senior Data Analyst

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Robin Richard Arulanantham
Software Developer

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Jacqui Clarke
Client Relationships and Marketing
04 909 7612

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David Kennedy
Associate Economist
04 909 7612

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Dirk van Seventer
Associate Economist
04 909 7612

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Dave Grimmond
Associate Economist

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