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Economics put simply

Infometrics economists use economic data, modelling and analysis to offer insights and help our clients make better informed decisions. We are an independent economics consultancy and are not protecting any interest group or sector.

A diverse range of organisations use our products and services.

  • Regional and local councils, economic development agencies, and Regional Skills Leadership Groups use our products to ensure their policies and plans are informed by the characteristics of their local economies and how they are being affected by economic forces.
  • Central government and political parties use us to add economic rigor to their policy development and strategic planning.
  • Workforce Development Councils, education and training providers, industry associations, construction companies, and vehicle retailers rely on us to understand the economic characteristics and skill needs of the sectors they serve, and to inform their lobbying, advice and planning.
  • Iwi utilise our data to identify opportunities and risks for Māori workforce development.

Our products are tailored to a diverse set of users from analysts who want to get into the detail to CEOs who want the key insights at their finger tips. Read on for how we’ve helped people like you and take a look at our products and services page to see how we can meet your needs.

Economists, analysts and advisors

Infometrics understands your need for robust, wide-ranging data for your industry and geographical area, and the frustration of having team members working off inconsistent or incomplete data sets.

We bring together a large variety of datasets and proprietary modelling into a single internally consistent framework. Leave the data collection, validation and visualisation to us so you can concentrate on providing your stakeholders with advice and analysis.

Our dashboards, reports, infographics and articles are all web-based, convenient and accessible to everyone in your organisation. They give you the headline numbers and the ability to drill into the detail where necessary.

CEOs, Senior Management, Boards and Councillors

The macroeconomic context shapes the risks and opportunities afforded to businesses and organisations. Our economists will work as part of your team providing an independent viewpoint about the New Zealand economic outlook.

You don’t need to be an economist or data analyst to use our products. Our online, interactive dashboards give you ready access to all the economic information you need to make better informed decisions. Downloadable charts, tables, infographics and reports make our data easy to share with stakeholders.

Set the agenda for your next meeting or workshop with a presentation from one of our economists. Our presentations can also help you understand how the latest economic developments are affecting your organisation, sector, community or region. We use visually appealing charts and anecdotes to tell the story behind the numbers, to quickly capture an audience’s attention, and facilitate engaging debate.