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A day in the life of an Economist – Lily Stelling

Lily Stelling has recently joined the Infometrics Team as an Economic Assistant.  This month we sit down to chat with Lily about what she’s working on at Infometrics.

In last month’s newsletter Lily wrote the Chart of the Month: The world heads out to dinner, a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel as the world moves out of lockdowns.

Bio - Lily Stelling

Studies at: Victoria University of Wellington
Resides in: Kelburn, Wellington

Jacqui: What is the nature of your work at Infometrics and how do clients benefit from what you do?

Lily: I maintain some of the data releases in Infometrics’ website portal, including our global growth reports and most of the indicators. I also make sure internal datasets are up to date on a cyclic basis and will write articles either for client reports or news releases as needed.

Jacqui: What has been your most rewarding work experience?

Lily: I recently worked on providing graphs and analysis for a building client, which I really enjoyed. Working at Infometrics means learning about various industries in New Zealand and what their specific impacts and interests are – for example, I learned concrete materials used in residential building appear to be less common in areas which have higher earthquake risk.

More generally though, it has been very rewarding learning more about the New Zealand economic landscape. We often have office discussions either on current events or puzzling problems, and being surrounded by so many knowledgeable people means I am learning something new each day I come in.

Jacqui: What has been your most challenging work experience?

Lily: Recently, for our Infrastructure Pipeline Profile, I looked at the long term plans of various regions and territorial authorities. Although when I say various, this actually means every single one, which was challenging just by the sheer volume of councils available. Whilst it took a bit of time to chew through, I still learned so much about the different dynamics of particular districts and regions. I also developed a niche appreciation for long term plans which put all their spreadsheets into one section, making my job compiling all the information easier.

Jacqui: What do you enjoy doing when not at work?

Lily: I’ve always had an array of hobbies which I flick through, from rock climbing, to sailing, to singing in choirs, to playing chess. Recently, I’ve been more homely, doing lots of knitting, reading literature, and taking long slow walks through the Botanical Gardens. This summer though, I’m hoping to try woodworking, and fishing.

Jacqui: What is an intriguing fact about you?

Lily: I can’t help but remember numbers. If I read a number, I often won’t forget it. This is useful for remembering: percentage points; populations; passcodes; park spaces.

Jacqui: Thank you for chatting to us Lily. Remembering numbers is a useful skill in your chosen career.  We look forward to hearing more about your work in the future.

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