Economic Talks

At Infometrics, we’re often found discussing the latest economic trends among the team, keeping our finger on the pulse of the New Zealand economy. At a time when the economy is still in a state of change, analysis of what’s happening becomes even more important. So we’ve decided to start recording our “Economic Talks” and publish them for clients and the public to access.

Tune in to economic insights from Infometrics Chief Forecaster Gareth Kiernan and Senior Economist Brad Olsen on what’s got our team talking.

Econ Talks – Reserve Bank’s FLP will lower interest rates, but housing activity in focus (17 November 2020)

Econ Talks – Rising social and emergency housing of major concern (11 November 2020)

Econ Talks – US Election and what it means for the economy (10 November 2020)

Econ Talks – 2020 General Election provides a majority result (21 October 2020)

Econ Talks – Latest QSBO shows improved business outlook (20 October 2020)

Econ Talks – Double-dip recession next year, but housing rolls on (16 October 2020)

Econ Talks – Fonterra raises milk price as trade holds up (16 October 2020)

Econ Talks – Housing market continues to defy expectations (6 October 2020)

Econ Talks – Construction sector changes focus (5 October 2020)

Econ Talks – Rebound in confidence, but tough times remain (5 October 2020)

Econ Talks – Job prospects hold up (4 October 2020)

Econ Talks – Funding for Lending and more on monetary policy (25 September 2020)

Econ Talks – Record 12.2% drop in GDP (17 September 2020)

Econ Talks – PREFU and forecasts for better now, worse later (16 September 2020)

Econ talks – The changing pattern of migration (7 September 2020)

Econ Talks – Lower interest rates and possible 2% mortgage rates (4 September 2020)

Econ Talks – How is tourism going, and what’s next? (27 August 2020)

Econ Talks – Financial hardship withdrawals and struggling Kiwi budgets (24 August 2020)

Econ Talks – Where to next for the housing market and building sector? (21 August 2020)

Econ Talks – Pandemic delivers severe hit to regions (20 August 2020)

Econ Talks – Auckland lockdown 2.0 (19 August 2020)

Econ Talks – labour market and that surprising 4.0% unemployment rate! (5 August 2020)

Econ Talks – employment indicators and RBNZ’s QE programme (1 July 2020)