Infometrics bespoke consulting projects

Customised Economic Consulting

Customised economic analysis

Infometrics’ consulting service offers you customised economic analysis to meet your specific requirements.  This can take the form of customised forecasts or forecast models; strategic analysis; policy analysis; cost-benefit analysis; economic impact analysis; risk analysis – including the development of scenarios; GIS mapping that can provide a locational dimension to the analysis; and econometric analysis.

Common consulting projects undertaken by Infometrics include:

  • General Equilibrium Modelling: Infometrics operates and maintains a general equilibrium model of the New Zealand economy. This model provides a useful tool for analysing and quantifying economy-wide impacts of significant projects or policy proposals.
  • Cost Benefit Analysis: Cost benefit analysis provide a robust and rigorous method for assessing the national impacts of projects or policy proposals. This analysis is preferred to general equilibrium modelling for smaller scale projects or at more initial stages of policy development.
  • Economic Impact Analysis: Investigating the impact that organisations and events have on the rest of society.
  • Forecast Model Development: Economic forecasts provide information about expectations about the overall economic environment, but do not provide an assessment of their implications for specific organisations or interests. Customised model development allows for an assessment of these implications and can also allow organisations to undertake scenario analysis, either to view the implications of a different world view or to investigate critical sources of external risk.

Delivered in a format to meet your needs

Results can be delivered to you in a variety of formats, from spreadsheet-based models and PDF reports, to web-based analytical tools and infographics.  Our economists can also help you engage with stakeholders by delivering presentations or leading sessions at planning workshops.

Using sophisticated analytical tools

Infometrics' consultants have expertise in applying a variety of quantitative tools to analytical problems. These tools include: principal component and econometric techniques, structural time series analysis, general equilibrium modelling, and input-output analysis.

Models are tailored to client-specific demands and provided to them in user-friendly spreadsheets. The type of issues that Infometrics models have enhanced understanding of include: climate change, road deaths, saving patterns, energy efficiency, the housing market, labour market supply and demand, and credit risk.

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