Infometrics demographic profiles

Demographic Profile

The demographics of New Zealand’s labour market and economy

Infometrics’ demographic profiles provide an in-depth description of a particular population group in New Zealand. They describe the position of that population group in New Zealand’s labour market and economy. The profiles will help you gain a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing your population group of focus.

Providing a demographic focus to understanding sectors and regions

The demographic profiles are based on our web-based sector profiles but provide an extra demographic dimension. They may focus on a population group such as women or people who identify as Māori. A profile of women will describe the status of woman in all industries (to 500 industry level) and all occupations (to 1000 occupations) in all regions and territorial authorities. By comparing the status of woman with men the profiles will highlight in which industries, occupation and regions women are underrepresented or overrepresented. Like Infometrics’ other web-based products the demographic profiles are interactive and visually attractive.

Your population group of interest

Speak to us if you would like a demographic profile prepared for your population group of interest.


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