Infometrics Future Skill Profiles

Future demand and supply of labour

Future skills needs and supply of labour

Infometrics has a range of information available that can help you identify the future demand for skills and supply of labour in your region.  This can be done for the total economy or for sectors that align to your needs.

Identifying future skill imbalances

Drawing on our forecasts of likely demand for jobs in the future and estimates of the supply of labour, we identify where skill imbalances are likely to occur.  This information is extremely useful for local authorities, tertiary education organisations and industry associates.  By highlighting likely future skill imbalances, clients can then develop plans to mitigate them so that they do not have a negative impact on their economy.

Interactive and easy-to-use

Our future demand and skill information is easy to understand and can be presented in an interactive and easy-to-use web-platform.  This enables you to focus on what you are good at instead of wasting time collating data from numerous sources.

Detailed insights for every region

Future skill information is at a national and regional level.  We can also drill down and look at sectors that are relevant to you.

Get an understanding of the future skill imbalance in your sector and/or region today

For more information about how we can look at future skill imbalances in your sector and/or region get in touch with Shaun Twaddle.

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