Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

Maps for spacial economic anaylsis

Through the innovative use of Geographical Infomation System (GIS) technology we can provide you with maps that show where economic output and employment is concentrated has been concentrated throughout New Zealand, and where growth has been over the last five and ten years.  Our maps are provided in an easy-to-use interactive web-based format, which can then be inserted into presentations and reports. Infometrics’ GIS capabilities enable us to display regional socio-economic information on a map and conduct complex spatial analysis.  We have developed estimates of economic output and employment to an area unit level (area units are approximately equivalent to suburbs) which enable us to identify small areas of economic and employment growth.

Economic Atlas

The Economic Atlas will save you time and money as the mapping work will be done by us to meet your specific requirements.  We have prepared a range of standard thematic maps which can be adapted to your region or territorial authority.  The maps show both a current snapshot (eg where was employment concentrated in 2010) and change over time (eg growth in employment between 2000 and 2010) for various indicators at area unit level.

Customised to your exact requirements

We can customise the Atlas to your exact requirements and add maps for a variety of other indicators, such as economic output or employment for a particular industry, or other aspects of business, spending, property, and investment activity.  The maps will help you to understand the spatial dynamics of your district and identify emerging trends, opportunities and risks in your jurisdiction. Contact Andrew Whiteford