Infometrics government policy expertise

Government Policy Expertise

Helping government for over 30 years

Infometrics has undertaken a large number of projects for New Zealand central and local government organisations, as well as organisations who need evidence to support advocacy. We have a strong appreciation of the strategic and political contexts that guide policy developments.

Understanding the ramifications of different policies

But although context may constrain the range of feasible options, sound policy requires rigorous problem analysis and a clear understanding of the potential trade-off's that are embedded in alternative options. Quantifying the ramifications of different policy options is an important step in providing advice to decision makers.

Customised to your requirements

Infometrics' consulting service offers you customised economic analysis to meet your specific requirements. This can take the form of customised forecasts or forecast models; strategic analysis; policy analysis; cost-benefit analysis; economic impact analysis; risk analysis – including the development of scenarios; GIS mapping that can provide a locational dimension to the analysis; and econometric analysis.

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