Infometrics Regional Infrastructure Survey

Regional Infrastructure Pipeline Profile

Regional planning around intended infrastructure investments

If you are involved in business planning (either in government or in the private sector), then an overview of all proposed private and public sector infrastructure projects within your region will help you to communicate your plans to councilors, ratepayers and other stakeholders. Coupling this information, with our in-depth profile of central government and private sector investment in infrastructure across New Zealand’s regions will also aid you when planning procurement of construction services in your region.

Understand projects not captured in standard data

The Regional Infrastructure Pipeline Profile presents details of all proposed private and public sector infrastructural projects in your region over the next ten years. The report focuses on work not captured in data for the residential or non-residential construction areas – roading, ports, airports, rail, electricity generation, transmission, and distribution, water supply, storm water, irrigation and sewerage.

Benchmarking using a web-based framework

Using Infometrics rich repository of regional economic information, this individually-tailored web-based report presents intended investment in your region into different areas of infrastructure as a percentage of Infometrics forecasts of your region’s GDP. We also utilise our population projections to show how much these planned investments will cost per resident in your region. Presenting planned investment in this way will enable your council to effectively benchmark itself against other councils across New Zealand. The RIS includes an infographic that provides a handy summary of how your council’s intended infrastructure investment, as a percentage of GDP and on a per resident basis, stakes up against the average territorial authority. Infographics are a quick way of easily digesting complex information and are perfect as a hand-out at a meeting.

Helping local government and businesses make better decisions

  • Assess how reasonable your council’s level of planned investment is compared with the average council. You can then use these figures to justify planned infrastructure investment to key stakeholders and residents.
  • When your council wants to procure building services to invest in infrastructure, it is important that you have an idea as to what other projects are in the pipeline. Our profile is comprehensive, not only of private and public investment in your region, but also in neighbouring parts of the country. Using this profile will help you plan appropriate timelines for investment so that you can attempt to procure building services at reasonable prices.
  • Infrastructure investment is an important (and volatile) component of economic activity. Understanding what private and public sector interests are intending to invest in your region will help with economic development strategies.
  • Understanding what large private and central government projects are planned in your region may help you when planning employment levels for your building consenting and compliance teams.
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