Infometrics Sector Forecasts

Industry/Sector Forecasts

Identify future demands for skills and occupations

Infometrics Sector Profiles provide a view of future performance of each sector. Each sector profile includes a forecast of employment disaggregated by occupation. This enables the user to identify the future demand for skills and occupations in of each sector in New Zealand or in specific geographic areas. This information can be used by a wide audience for future planning and workforce development. It is particularly useful for engaging with industry and employers, informing investment decisions/applications, supporting reviews as well as programme/qualification development.

The sector forecasts are presented in the Sector Profiles’ interactive and easy to use web-platform. The profiles put a wealth of data about your sector/industry at your fingertips. This enables you to focus on what you are good at instead of wasting time collating data from numerous sources.

Sector and Industry forecasts are available at a detailed industry level for each region and territorial authority in New Zealand.

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