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Stimulate discussion using customised economic workshops

A workshop with Infometrics can help your team understand how the changing economic environment is affecting your organisation’s outlook.

Our economists have expertise working across a wide range of macroeconomic, financial, and political issues, and are skilled at applying this knowledge into a variety of industry and regional-specific settings.

We customise workshops to meet the specific needs of our client.  An economic workshop is the ideal opportunity to look beyond the day-to-day factors influencing your organisation to help set the scene at your next event or planning day.

Our economists allow plenty of time for discussion and debate.  Infometrics is independent of any vested interests so our economists are able to freely and frankly engage with their audience.  They welcome the curly questions – no issue is off limits!

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Get in touch with one of our team to arrange a workshop that is customised to your specific requirements and delivered at a location of your choosing.

Gareth Kiernan, our Chief Forecaster, regularly presents on a range of macroeconomic and industry matters, with a particular area of expertise in analysing the building and property sector. Brad Olsen specialises in regional presentations that scratch beneath the service of your local economy and contextualise this against the broader macroeconomic context.  Shaun Twaddle has extensive experience in coming to grips with workforce requirements and future skills needs within New Zealand’s sectors and industries.

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