Customer reviews


Wellington Regional Economic Development Agency

“Infometrics’ regional service has enabled us to improve our understanding of the Wellington economy markedly.

The on-line regional economic profile is an excellent, user friendly tool which allows easy access to both official data and Infometrics’ regional estimates as well as a range of indicators that Infometrics has derived allowing further in depth analysis and benchmarking.”

– Jeremy Harding, Economist, Wellington Regional Economic Development Agency


Enterprise North Canterbury

“Using Infometrics data has been extremely useful for Enterprise North Canterbury in both attracting new business to the region and helping current businesses in strategic planning. The key for us is the breadth of useful data all available in one place. The ability to compare trends to the wider region, to similar areas and to all of New Zealand is also useful.

As a result of using the economic monitoring service, I am able to go into meetings armed with the latest statistics and information. This is can be extremely helpful and is useful for reinforcing the knowledge that is held by our organisation.”

– Miles Dalton, Business Development Manager, Enterprise North Canterbury

Kaipara District Council

“I have been impressed by the products and services provided by Infometrics. I have valued Infometrics staff being available to answer questions about the data when these have arisen.

… Possibly the most useful product has been the Quarterly Economic Monitors which give “year to date” information. These easily feed into our quarterly reporting and give us a regular update on how our District’s economy is tracking.”

– Mark Schreurs, Policy Analyst, Kaipara District Council

South Waikato District Council

“Knowing the economic state of the district has always been key to making the best decisions for our community. Infometrics has provided information over the years that has meant our Council has and can continue to operate strategically when considering various projects and opportunities.

Infometrics products have always been relevant, user friendly and added significant value to our own research efforts.”

– Amanda Hema, GM Community, South Waikato District Council

Greater Wellington Regional Council

“Greater Wellington Regional Council has subscribed to the Infometrics regional profile and tools for the last 2 years. It is the initial go to source for our economic analysis, indicators and monitoring activities.

It has also allowed us to quickly deal with customised economic data and information requests from across the council. At a regional level the application of the regional profile and tool has resulted, to a large degree, in the consistent use of Infometrics’ economic data by councils in the region.”

– Wellington Regional Strategy Office, Greater Wellington Regional Council

Wanganui District Council

“I highly recommend the Infometrics online analysis tool . . .

The product is very easy to use and allows us to drill down to different levels of detail with ease. We found the feature which allows us to benchmark ourselves against other regions very useful.

The team at Infometrics are very responsive to queries and on numerous occasions have assisted to explain methodologies used . . .”

– Chris Heywood, Economic Development and Project Officer, Wanganui District Council

Hamilton City Council

“Infometrics’ regional products have given us a deep understanding of Hamilton’s economy. Being able to work from a consistent data source is very important for us. The products save us the hassle of collating multiple data sources which are often disparate. We are impressed by Infometrics’ commitment to continually expand and improve the product. We like the depth of information in the profiles. They enable us to drill down to detailed industry level.”

– Growth-Unit Manager, Hamilton City Council

A North Island Regional Council

“Annual Economic Profile and Quarterly Economic Monitor websites for our region are valuable tools to assess what is happening in our economy at both a broad high level and at an individual industry level, and understand how we compare with other regions/districts. The interactive features are easy to use, allowing us to compare changes over different time periods and in comparison with other regions. A positive feature is the ability to drill down from the 54 industry level to the 504 industry level. This allows us to define industries in multiple ways, in addition to the normal primary, secondary and tertiary classification. For example, it is good to combine dairy farming and dairy processing industries to get a total picture of the contribution of the sector to the economy. The Quarterly information is provided in a very timely manner.”

– Economist, North Island Regional Council

A prominent South Island Council

“The Infographics are great for information requests.

… The seminars have given us access to an Infometrics economist and a region specific presentation which is invaluable.

… I would recommend workshops for audiences in regional NZ who find it hard to get reliable, accurate and up to date info on their region.”

– Economic Development Manager, at a South Island Council