Features & benefits

Infometrics web-based economic products take the presentation of regional economic data to a new level in New Zealand. From in-depth descriptions of your region or district’s economic structure to finger-on-the-pulse monitoring and analysis of local data each quarter, we have it covered.

Rigorous analysis using robust data

Infometrics' economists are leaders in the generation of regional NZ economic information.  Our regional database brings together numerous sources of regional NZ economic information, as well as our own independent regional employment and GDP estimates, into a single database.  This data provides detailed industry breakdowns and is coded to a territorial authority level (and sometimes finer).  We draw on this comprehensive resource and present analysis that will complement local knowledge and contextualise your region within the national picture.

Cost-effective and innovative

Through the innovative use of technology, we speed up the preparation of reports at a very reasonable cost.  Leave the data collection to us and let your staff concentrate on strategic issues.  Handy infographics that you can automatically generate from our system are perfect for setting the scene at your next meeting.

Showcase your region to the world

Our web-based regional NZ economic products can easily be incorporated into your website.  Many of our clients choose to open up access to their economic profiles and monitors as a service to potential investors and other stakeholders in their local economy.  This can help improve the flow of reliable local economic information and debunk myths so businesses and other organisations can make evidence-based decisions.

A broad range of topics

Our regional NZ economic database covers a wide range of topics.  We present detailed information on topics including: GDP, employment, business units, productivity, tourism, dairy, exports, standard of living, demographics, skills, and occupations.  Our monitoring services also give users the ability to scratch beneath the service and follow issues such as: unemployment rates, migration, retail sales, guest nights, property and construction, traffic flows, and vehicle sales.

Easy-to-use tools

We have developed a 'Toolkit' as part of the Regional Economic Profile – this contains an expanding suite of tools that give your staff the ability to further interrogate and analyse data for your region or district.  Toolkit subscribers can compare and rank themselves against any part of the country, create and download regional comparator maps, and get customised reports of self-defined industries.  Other tools such as the events calculator save costs by allowing you to bring in house analysis that is typically procured from consultants.

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