How do I use it?

Our Regional Economic Profile and Quarterly Economic Monitor services are available on a subscription basis.

The products are web-based, meaning that subscribers can gain access wherever they are.  The data is dynamic and interactive, with charts and reports available to be downloaded for further analysis.

Local authorities can choose to make parts of their region’s economic profile and quarterly monitor publicly available as a service to stakeholders and potential investors.

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The Economic Profile contains a Toolkit that allows subscribers to dig deeper into a region’s economy and conduct some ‘what if’ analysis, as well as quickly analyse data and make informed decisions using an independent framework that leverages off a robust set of specific regional NZ economic data.

Infometrics profiles allow you to answer questions with confidence about your local economy.  For example, considerable detail can quickly be gleaned on:

  • GDP and employment growth
  • How diverse is the economy relative to others?
  • In which industries does your district/region have competitive advantage?
  • How many businesses were created?
  • What does tourism contribute to your economy and how has it grown?
  • How fast has the population in your area grown?

Your economic development strategy or long term plan is likely to contain key performance indicators against which you will measure the future performance of your region’s economy.  Our services will help you monitor the progress of your economy against these indicators.