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Below is a series of videos to provide information about, and help you get the most out of, Infometrics Regional Sector Profiles (SP).

These videos will be of interest to any new Sector Profiles clients, existing clients who have not used the Sector Profiles for a while, or potential clients who want to understand what the Sector Profiles can provide for them.

The Sector Profiles are an online subscription product, that provides deep evidence-based insights into the sectors of the economy that are important to you. You to create your own customised sectors or adopt some of our many standard definitions. We have developed a unique method for defining sectors in terms of both industries and occupations.

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Video 01: Introduction

This video is an introduction to Infometrics Sector Profiles. It outlines the Sector Profile’s purpose, shows you how to navigate through it various sections, provides an overview of the data it contains, and walks you through the functionality of the interactive dashboard.

Video 2: Create your own sectors

This video explains how to create new Sector Profiles.

Video 3: Demographics

This video explains how you can use the Sector Profile to understand the demographics of your sector’s workforce.

Video 4: Performance

This video explains how you can use the Sector Profile to see how your sector has been performing, and how its performance compares to other sectors.

Video 5: Skills needs

This video explains how you can use the Sector Profile to understand the skills needed in your sector.

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