Why use Infometrics?

Why use Infometrics?

Our approach to understanding the NZ economy

infometrics-website-image-thumbnail-8647592 Expert knowledge and sharp insights are what every organisation needs to succeed, and these are only possible when you have the right information at the right time.  Infometrics specialises in the delivery and visualisation of economic information, and aims to make it easily accessible and understandable. We enjoy finding the story behind the numbers and have tools that allow you to interact with data. Our systems help you interpret the impact of economic trends on your organisation or community so that you can better identify opportunities and risks in the NZ economy. Our writing is straightforward and direct. We are independent and Kiwi-owned – we have no agenda in protecting any interest groups or sectors.  We offer personal access to our team of economists, who are there to help and empower you. We enjoy working closely with our clients, understanding their needs and focusing on solving their problems.

Innovative data visualisation

infometrics-website-image-thumbnail-12649955 Infographics and other data visualisations bring the numbers to life for everyone, whether trained in economics or not. We make economics understandable using cutting-edge technologies and data visualisation systems. Our aim is to combine technical expertise with effective communication so that you can interpret what’s happening in the NZ economy. Our charts, graphs and infographics are dynamic, giving you the power to interrogate data, thus enhancing how you do your job.

Proprietary data and reporting framework

infometrics-website-image-thumbnail-22622499 One of the most time consuming tasks for analysts and managers is sifting through quantities of data.  This process diverts your focus from more important tasks like analysis and planning. We can work with your team to create reports that meet your needs. Infometrics develops and maintains customised models, which we display via innovative reporting frameworks. These systems provide a consistent and rigorous starting point for investigation of regional, industry specific and macroeconomic analysis. In addition to our standardised and customisable economic reporting frameworks, we offer tailored consulting services and seminars about various aspects of the NZ economy, its regions and industries.

Our knowledge and expertise

infometrics-website-image-thumbnail-28273485 For over 30 years, Infometrics has built a reputation for providing independent and accurate economic forecasts as well as industry and regional economic reporting. Infometrics works on projects for both private sector and government organisations.  We have a thorough understanding of the policy-making process, the economic impact of policy decisions, and how economic factors affect business. Our services includes a wide range of macroeconomic forecasting, regional and industry specific products on a subscription basis, delivered via our website.  Our products are also supplemented by continuous analysis of data as it is released and commentary on trends and issues that effect the economic or industry outlook – this allows for timely adjustments of business strategies. We regularly field calls from clients and the media who use our economists as a sounding board for understanding how economic factors are affecting current conditions in the NZ economy and the outlook for a particular industry or geographical area.