New Infometrics Portal – customised for your individual needs

At Infometrics, we pride ourselves on being innovative and making information easily accessible. Our movement to web-based regional and sector products over the past couple of years is a prime example of this. The forthcoming redevelopment of our forecasting products will further help our clients access our information through an interactive and attractive interface.

This said however, with the amount of services we provide – including profiles and products, our economic news service, articles and reports – things can get overwhelming. In our view, having to search to across various URLS to access our information is not ideal. Actually, the same could be said about our whole website.

As economists we don’t like things to be sub-optimal. So we have done something about it. We have replaced the existing member-only section of the Infometrics website that was available to forecasting clients with a new Infometrics Portal that is available to all our clients.

2015 Portal site screenshot

Designed to be a ‘one stop shop’ for all things Infometrics, the portal is customised individually for every client to account for your needs and interests. Your portal will contain:

  • all the economic profile/monitor products that you subscribe to
  • news releases and articles that we prepare that are relevant to your organisation – this content was not previously available to all clients
  • an archive of key hard-copy reports that we have provided you in the past
  • top data releases requested by clients – this content was also not previously available to all clients.

The portal has been designed so that clients can access the information they require within one ‘click’. We have designed and tested the portal with users over the past couple of months to ensure that it works in practice. Clients can access the portal here:, or at the top right of our new website, To access the portal you will be asked for a username and password – these are the same as the username and passwords that clients use to access our products. If you have any questions about the new Infometrics Portal, have forgotten your username and password, or would simply like to chat with us, please get in touch with us.

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