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Chart of the month: Job openings 2018-2022

Infometrics’ comprehensive regional forecasting model shows that between 2018 and 2022 there will be 600,000 jobs that need to be filled due to new job growth or replacement demand (people moving roles that need to be replaced).

Of the forecast 600,000 job openings, there will be demand for workers across the skills spectrum. We forecast that 41% will require low skill level (less than a level 3 qualification), while 35% will require a high level of skilled (a bachelor degree or higher).


While there is forecast to be a strong number of low skilled job openings between now and 2022, our recently released ‘From Education to Employment: Megatrends affecting the working environment in NZ’ report highlights that these occupations are more likely to be more susceptible to automation than higher skilled occupations.

The report also finds that workers will require increasing access to skills-based training as the workplace continues to rapidly evolve.

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