Marsden Point and Ruakaka
Sun 13 Nov 2016 by Gareth Kiernan in Regional Hotspots

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  • Population growth 2013-2023: 29% (1,120 people)
  • Improved access from the North Shore to Northland will further help the spillover from Auckland and boost Whangarei’s population growth, particularly in the southern areas of Marsden Point and Ruakaka.
  • Growth in this area will be orientated around the oil refinery and Northport, which will have strong population growth and infrastructure improvements.
  • There are development plans for mixed-use commercial, and residential areas between Ruukaka and One Tree Point.

Current housing affordability issues in Auckland have had spillover effects for the surrounding regions, although Northland has arguably not been as heavily affected as Waikato or Bay of Plenty. Nevertheless, we expect Whangarei to record faster population growth over the medium-term, and much of this growth is likely to be concentrated in the Marsden Point and Ruakaka area, south of the main town.

This area is one that has been earmarked for significant medium-term development by the Whangarei District Council. The growth is expected to be based around the requirements of the oil refinery and Northport, particularly with relatively strong population growth and infrastructure improvements increasing the attractiveness of freight distribution from the port to Northland and north Auckland. Access from Northland to North Shore will be improved substantially by the Puhoi-Wellsford Road of National Significance.

There is scope for a considerable amount of industrial activity to be sited in the Marsden Point area. Further significant residential development and local urban centres are planned at One Tree Point and Ruakaka, with a mixed-use area containing commercial and other space planned in between the two communities.

"There are development plans for mixed-use commercial, and residential areas between Raukaka and One Tree Point."

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